My Current Love

Two years ago, my dad had surprised my by ordering Givenchy sunglasses.  There was a mistake and he somehow ordered their reading glasses.  So, as we opened the delivery, my dad was saddened with what he had done.  I, on the other hand, was so ecstatic because it would be my first designer shades.  I quickly thought of how I could fix this.  The solution was so easy!  I would simply change the lenses.  The following morning I went to the place where we all get our glasses from and they charged me a few for the lenses. Ta-Da!!!!!  I had my own designer sunglasses!!!!

I was never really a sunglass-girl because I just thought it made me stick out too much.  But now, I realize my eyes need it.  I don’t know if it is my age, a few years away from 30, or something else, but the sun has been bothering my eyes.  So, now I started wearing sunglasses to protect them. 🙂

I love the shape of these glasses because they are just crazy enough.  Okay, that doesnt make any sense.  What I mean is that they are just perfect for me! I usually dont wear sunglasses because they are so close to my eyelashes that they cause me so much discomfort.   These are not like that and are very comfortable to wear.  They also cover enough to be easy to wear.  The details are also so unique.  They have a cat on the sides of the glasses that makes these look so chic.  Overall, I love these!!!!!





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