NIP + FAB Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Daily Facial Pads/ Night Pads Extreme

Having acne, for ever since I can remember, has always taken a toll on my confidence.  I had tried so many products and home remedies that I began to accept that acne was a part of my identity.  However, as I got older I realized that there are so many new things out there that I never knew could help my acne.  My skin is also so sensitive that terms like glycolic acid, peels, and retinoid scared me.  I always though that these would damage my skin even more.

As I started to watch more YouTube, I realized that a new term that so many beauty gurus are using is glycolic acid.  Glycolic acid is actually derived from plants and help exfoliate skin.  It helps in discoloration, scarring, fine lines and wrinkles.  Lower percentages of it is safe to use daily but the higher percentages are best used in moderation through peels.

I decided to head to my local CVS and pick something up.  Honestly, I picked the NIP +  FIB Glycolic Fix Exfoliation Facial Pads and their Night Pads Extreme because they were on sale.  Their Daily Facial Pads were $12.99 and the Night Pads Extreme were $14.99.  I had a few coupons and ended up paying $20.  I basically saved around $8.  🙂



I read the directions very carefully and even said a few prayers before using the Daily Facial Pads.  I used everything else I normally use ( which will be mentioned in my next post 🙂 ) and just added this step.  At first, it tingled very little.  It was nothing to hurt or alarm me because everyone I heard from that use glycolic pads had said it does that.  I used these 2x a week, alternating with the Night Pads Extreme  at night on the days I didn’t use the Daily Facial Pads.

I’ve been using these both for about two months now and would say that to see visible result you should wait around 2-3 weeks. I saw that my skin was much smoother and less uneven.  My acne bumps were less bumpy and the post-acne marks were a tad bit lighter.  I was overall more impressed with the way my makeup applied on top after a few weeks of using these pads.  The makeup applied so much smoother and the post-ance marks were covered only by foundation.  They didn’t need extra concealer to be covered.

I am still using these products and am overall very satisfied with the results.  I would say always test a small patch before applying it to your face and use them 1x a week and then build the usage up.  If anything feels or looks very wrong, please stop and go to your dermatologist. Always be safe and listen to your skin.

I hope these products work for you as they did for me.  Please let me know if they did and if you have anything that worked for you. I would love to try your trusty products as well.


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