My Current Skincare Routine

Skincare means a lot to me because at the end of the day that is what you are left with.  I love makeup with a passion but if the base isn’t smooth and beautiful the makeup won’t look as good either.  It has taken me so many years and trials to get a skincare that works for me.  Having oily/combination skin is really tricky because you can’t use all oily skin products, and you can’t only use products for dry skin either.  I had to find a balance and here is what I am currently doing.

bioreI start the day off with washing my face with warm water and this baking soda acne scrub.  Although it is a scrub, the scrubbing beads are so gentle that it acts more as a cleanser.  This cleanser contains salicyclic acid which helps with acne and blemishes. The baking soda makes the skin more balanced.  The after effect is a very cooling sensation that I truly adore! ( Biore Baking Soda Acne Scrub, $4.99)

tonerThe second step is toning with this micellar water tonic.  It acts as a micellar water and tones your skin at the same time.  I apply this with a cotton pad all over my face and, if I remember, my neck.  This tonic contains coconut water so it hydrates the skin as well.  An added bonus is that it smells literally like a vacation.  I could use any second of feeling like I’m on a vacation.  UH-MAY-ZINGGG!!! ( Pacifica Coconut Water Micellar Cleansing Tonic, $12.00) Twice a week, I also use my trusty NIP+FAB Glycolic Acid Daily Pads.  These pads make my skin feel amazingly smooth.  For more on these miracle pads, please check out my previous post.

acneThe next step is optional for only those days when my skin is really at its worst with a pimple forming or already at the surface.  This is my holy-grail since I have tried so many acne spot treaments.  This one is gentle and won’t  cause my skin to become so dry and flaky.  I apply a very small amount with my finger to the area needed to be treated.  (Clean and Clear Spot Treatment, $8.49)

b82b7d86-c58f-46d7-991f-341e4c2a6857.jpg._CB303307280__SR300,300_After those areas are dry, I like to apply my favorite moisturizer.  This is a gel to cream consistency that is simply amazing!  This gel-cream contains hyaluronic acid which is naturally in our skin.  It absorbs water molecules which hydrate my skin to the point where it is so supple but not greasy.  I love the smell too! It has a very fresh scent.  It also is great for my acne areas because after the spot treatment, those areas could feel very tight and dry.  (Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream, $19.99)

It is a very simple but effective skincare morning routine for me. Also, stay tuned for my nighttime routine!  I hope these products work for you as they do for me.  Always listen to your skin and if anything seems fishy, go to a dermatologist.  Always let me know what products you are loving because I would love to add your holy grail products to my skincare routine.

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