A Visit to my Dermatologist

After trying so many products, some very expensive, I had decided it was time to visit my dermatologist.  I have a love-hate relationship with my dermatologist.  She is amazing but she is rarely at the office.  Her lovely assistant is always the one that checks me out.  She is really good, but I mean I am paying because of her name, you know?  Any who, I decided, let me just get my skin looked at.


I was suffering with so much texture beneath my skin that wasn’t getting better by anything topical.  I tried every acne treatment in the market and nothing made it disappear.  The acne was also spread out everywhere on my face.  The sizing also differed.  Some were so tiny and others were like glaciers.  The acne also caused my skin to become itchy and so red.  Overall, it was horrible!!

The girl who was there, I’m going to call her my dermatologist, she was so sweet.  She listened to every concern and the products I used.  She explained that majority of this was hormonal and is curable.  She prescribed Minocycline.  It is a capsule that I had to take at the same time once a day.  She sent me off with this and said to visit her after one month.

Minocycline didn’t taste bad nor smelled funky.  It was easy to swallow as well.  This capsule basically contains an antibiotic to help fight bacteria.  After a week or so, I started to notice that those tiny bumps of texture were almost gone.  This felt so good because I finally felt that my skin was getting to a good phase.

After one month, I went back.  She then prescribed benzoyl peroxide 10%. I was supposed to apply this at night to the areas where I had a bunch of acne or where the size of the pimple was large.  For the mornings, she prescribed Clindamycin Lotion.  This lotion also contained an antibiotic, which again, was supposed to kill bacteria.  I used my regular face wash, mentioned in My Current Skincare Routine , and then applied this as a lotion.  She also said to continue the capsules for 2 more months.  She said this time to come back after two months.

Let me tell you, magic happened!!! My skin became so clear that only marks were left.  I rarely broke out.  Because of the continuation of the capsules, my mouth also became so dry.  I ended up increasing my water intake as well.  I did all these step for two months and then went back.

This last thing she prescribed is a miracle in a tube: Tretinoin.   She said to use this for 3 months at night, starting off 2x a week and gradually work my way up to every night, and see what happens.  I only had some marks left so it worked to make them so much lighter.  Tretinoin contains Retin-A. Retin-A is basically an acid version of a vitamin.  It smelled like alcohol and it scared me because of this.  The only downfall was that this is more of the process where things get worse before better.  I have been using this tube for one month now, where I am at the point where I use this every other night.  It did peel my skin quite excessively for the first week  My lips also became very dry so I have to slather on lip balm all the time.  Now, however, it doesn’t peel so much.  It not only has made the marks lighter, it has made my pores smaller too.  I researched more on this and it does state that it helps with the overall condition of your skin.  I will visit again after two more months. *

This is a routine I have been following along with My Current Skincare Routine.  My skin has felt and looked very good for the past few days in comparison to before.  I met up with BelleAmour  and she even complimented on how well ym skin looked.  I thanked her for this and did mention these products to he ras well.

My skin has been at its best and I pray that it continues to get better.  The occasional pimple, zit, and blemish do pop-up.  And to be honest, those are normal.  I stopped stressing after those because we all are human.  THESE ARE NORMAL THINGS FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!


If you are curious about these products, please visit your dermatologist and discuss these.  Always share every concern and thoughts you may have because they can only help if you are honest with them.  My trip was worth the money, time, and effort.  I only hope you all gain from these products as well. 🙂


* I will update after two months to let you know the next steps.


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