Spray it, don’t say it!!!

Perfumes are a weakness of mine.  I am drawn to things that smell pleasant and completely put off by things that smell horrid.  I have lessened the usage since it is not preferable for women to have a scent present in front of men that are not her MEHRAM in Islam.  If you guys, who don’t know what this is, want more information, contact me and I would delightfully explain everything. 🙂 I am still working on this part of not spraying myself with perfume when leaving the house because I find it so difficult.  I love to smell amazing all the time.  It is permissible at home, so you will ALWAYS find me showered in some sort of fragrance.

One perfume I have been in love with is the MK Michael Kors Very Hollywood Eau de Perfume .  This is actually my mother’s bottle which I have finished.  Oops!!  I tend to steal and borrow a lot from my mother.  We have very similar tastes.  Like mother like daughter, they say!

very hollywood michael kors

This perfume has a floral scent.  Jasmine and gardenia are found in this lovely perfume. Ylang ylang, a tree found in Indonesia, is also present.  Its flowers give off a sweet, floral aroma.  There is a hint of a citrus that comes after the perfume is worn.  This is given off by the frozen bergamot, which is also referred to sweet lemon.  The citrus element is also enhanced by the mandarin and raspberry as well.  White moss, creamy amber, iris root, and vetiver tie everything together giving it that sweet, citrusy, amazing scent.

You can spray this on and be sure of everyone asking you what scent you have on.  I have had so many of my friends tell me that this is their fave as well.  What type up fragrances do you enjoy??

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