August Lifestyle Faves <3

I have covered beauty and fashion on my site, but I have not touched upon style.  The monthly faves will include stuff that I enjoy part of my lifestyle or a reflection of my inner-style.


Paper Mate Write Bros. Mechanical Pencils

This is such a simple tool and I and obsessed with these.  🙂 I really like to use this to plan out my blogs because I do not need to sharpen or fix anything.  I just click and write!  The eraser at the end is also available to um- erase!



Sistema Storage/Lunch Boxes

These storage containers are so strong and durable.  I have recently purchased these boxes for my kids’ school lunches.  They have clasps at the sides that ensure nothing will get out and the sizes are great too!  These are dishwasher and microwave safe.  They also come in many colors, so they are easy for recognizing which kid has which lunch box, instead of labeling them.  I also like these for meal-planning, when I feel the need to “act” healthy.  They have one with compartments that are a larger size, than the normal ones.  This makes it easier to store more than one meal in one box.  This saves room in the refrigerator.  Overall, these are my go-to storage/lunch boxes.



Starbucks Midnight Mint Mocha Frappucino

I love-love-love Starbucks!  I could live off of these.  I am a coffee-fiend so this explains my love for Starbucks as well.  Not only my August fave, but this Midnight Mint Mocha Frap is my summer fave.  I enjoy this beverage because I love the minty taste it gives me. It is mixed so well with mocha.  In some drinks, sometimes the mint is too strong or the mocha overpowers the entire drink.  This doesn’t do that.  Both elements in the drink are perfect and compliment each other very well.  Pick this up the next time you are at Starbucks 🙂


Ice Cream Rolls

I had seen so many people experience this type of ice cream, but I never had tried it myself.  The firs time I experienced this form of heaven, was with my bestie Zish in July at  10Below .  I was so addicted that I wanted to try a different place but the same form of ice cream.  The next time I went was with la familia to I CE NY .  Once again, the same heaven.  This concept is so brilliant.  The freshness of the ingredients is exactly what makes for the smoothness and richness of the dessert.  There were so many flavors and since there were 5 of us, we ordered 5 different types.  I honestly don’t remember which ones, but they were all SO GOOD!! The kids wanted their funky add-ons and it STILL tasted so decadent.  PLEASE TRY, if you already haven’t, since I always catch the bandwagon very late.

I-CE-NYmaking 10 below


Okay my lovelies, that is all for this month. Till next month 🙂

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