Send Me Nudes!!

I decided to start a Lipstick Series where I talk about my favorite lipsticks.  I will group them up according to their shades and at the end of the series, I will include a post including my misses or lippies that did not work for me.  This series will be posted every Friday for the next six weeks. Enjoy!!

I like to take risks when it comes to makeup, but usually I tend to take the easy way out and stick to nudes.  I have a yellow-undertone so pink nudes do not really flatter me as much.  They make my entire face wash-out and feel dead.  I gravitate towards mauve-nudes and brown-nudes.  This gives my face back its flush of color and also is very flattering for the yellow-under tone.  All these lippies are halaal so, yay!!!! Also, all the swatches are below in the order they are written in.



Maybelline Color Sensational Inti-Mattes Nude has just come out with a variety of nude shades.  The one that I am loving is the Shade Raw-Chocolate 560.  As the name hints, this is a brown-nude.  The formula is very comfortable and long lasting.  It will dry down matte which is good, since I do not like shiny lips.  This also hydrates the lips which is very uncommon for the average matte formula.  I simply adore this lipstick!!!!

Here we are with a lipstick that is an exact my-lip-but-better shade!  The Pacifica Power of Love Powerful Color Natural Lipstick in the shade Nudie Red.  Unfortunately, I can’t find this anywhere since it was in one of my older Ipsy Bags.  However, I can not help but mention this since I LOVE THIS COLOR!!  The formula is a tad-bit drying but it will not move throughout the day.  It also has no fragrance at all.  This is a shade I tend to grab for an everyday look with no hassle.

Another Maybelline lippy that is my love is their Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Nude Thrill 5.  This goes on so creamy and soft that it feels luxurious on your lips.  It will also dry down matte and it WILL NOT budge.  I had to remove this lippie with one of my favorite micellar water, mentioned in Micellar Water: What’s all the rave about and which ones are my fave ! . Other than that, this is one that I grab when I need something I do not have to worry about reapplying.  This is my favorite out of all the nudes in this post.

The last nude I have for you is the Wet n Wild MegaLast Liquid Catsuit  in the shade Rebel Rose.  This is more of a mauve-rose nude.  This is another long-lasting lippy but it is more drying than the others.  I had to make sure that my lips were moisturized very well before going ahead with this liquid lipstick.  But since I love the color and staying power, I was okay with prepping before hand.

So go ahead and send me your nudes!!! I dare you 😉


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