Sally Hansen Cuticle Oil


Sally Hansen Cuticle Oil


Even though my face is oily, the rest of me is very dry.  It seems so weird, right?  My hands are especially very dry and it doesn’t even have to be winter.  It could be the frequent hand washing, dish washing, bathing the kids, etc.  I have to take care of my cuticles as well because they peel and even bleed at times.

I have tried many cuticle creams and they tend to just sit on top of the cuticles.  Even some cuticle oils aren’t thick enough to be absorbed into the cuticles.  I saw the Sally Hansen Cuticle Oil at Ulta and decided to give it a try.  I don’t remember how much I purchased it for since it was a month back.  However, it was not expensive at all.  I had also read so many good reviews on this product.  If you type cuticle oil, this is what seemed to pop up everywhere!

I apply this once a day.  I would apply it more often but honestly, I just don’t remember.  This formula is just the perfect consistency.  I rub it in and it will very easily be absorbed.  The cuticles seemed softer and the areas that are broken or picked seem to sit down.  This oil contains vitamin E, safflower oil, aloe, wheat germ, and apricot kernel.  This is what these amazing ingredients do for our cuticles and nails:

Vitamin E:  This is a no brainer because this is what will moisturize the cuticles.

Safflower Oil:  This oil helps stimulate the regulation of new cells.  This is what will replenish and bring out the new cuticles.  It will also regualte blood into them so the will be softer.

Aloe: This is also amazing for soothing dry and irritated skin, just like our cuticles.

Wheat Germ:  This helps strengthen the nail because it contains fatty acids.

Apricot Kernel:  This helps heal minor ailments that may occur to your cuticles or nails.  It will help the cuticles maintain their form so they do not peel or become dry.  It will also help the nails from becoming very dry and weak.

I have been using this for a month and I did notice that my nails were less brittle.  I am a nail-bitter, unfortunately, so I can notice when my nails are a tad bit stronger.  The nails also just seemed to look much healthier instantly.  There was a very nice sheen to them.  I also used this on my feet, and the results were the same.  My cuticles looked so soft and amazing.  I felt like I could sell hand/foot photos after this.  🙂

Overall, I would highly recommend this to EVERYONE!! Our cuticles and nails need some lovin’ too you know?!

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