Facial Hair

Unwanted Facial Hair

I had been bleaching my face for as long as I can remember.  I used to use Jolen Bleach Cream for sensitive skin.  It was supposed to be for lightening any facial hair and brightening my complexion.  If any of you have seen me face to face know I am pretty light-skinned.  However, in Pakistan, where my parents are from and where I lived majority of my after marriage life, bleaching/polishing the skin is a very common trend.

I had never gone to a parlor to have my face bleached or polished before.  But in Pakistan, it is a must to have done before any parties and Eid gatherings.  I also began to follow this trend and did for so many years.  In 2012, after my daughter was born, I moved to the USA temporarily for some time.  I realized the dangers of bleaching my skin by experimentation.  I had started to see weird pigmentation around my mouth and cheeks.  I went to the dermatologist and she asked if I was using any chemical peels or anything. I had told her that I have never and only bleach my skin 4-6 times yearly.  She was astonished and told me why I would be causing my skin so much damage.  Bleaching the skin can cause white spots and pigmentation that are very hard to lighten.  I didn’t think much of it since it was so common back home.  She told me that if it was for my facial hair, that there were so many other methods such as laser or waxing.  Threading and even creams are available that are safer and better option to remove any unwanted facial hair.

I had tried waxing and threading, and to be honest, it was so time-consuming and painful.  Laser was something I searched and am still skeptical since it is quite expensive.  I, then, turned to facial removing creams.

Sally Hansen Creme Hair Remover

I went to CVS and bought the most gentle cream for removing facial hair, Sally Hansen Creme Hair Remover Kit.  I tested the back of my wrist as well as my jaw to see if I reacted to it.  Fortunately, I didn’t break into a rash or anything.  There goes nothing.  I applied it with my finger all over my face, avoiding my eyes.  The only parts I didn’t apply this to was my upper lip and lower lip, which I thread myself 1x a week.  I left it on for a few minutes and wiped it off. Wa la!! I could see all the hair fuzz and everything on the white face cloth.  This was amazing!

I used the after soothing lotion as well and it gave it such a weird soft feeling.  After a few minutes, I did notice slight redness near my cheek area.  However, I react the most to that area whenever I am trying anything new.  I go 2-3 weeks now without using it and it’s amazing.

Please guys don’t follow into this trap and damage your skin by bleaching it.  It is much better to remove the hair than to damage the skin under it.  If you are doing it to become lighter, please let me tell you nothing can make you permanently lighter and these chemicals can cause your skin to burn.  Please ALL OF US ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!  Allah made us this way and we are all unique and fine the way we are.

We are all BEAUTIFUL

I am also looking into laser treatment as soon as my dermatologist says its okay because I am using some creams that can interfere with the laser

How do you remove your facial hair??

4 thoughts on “Facial Hair

  1. I am surprised coz I didnt know weird spots on face can be a result of bleaching. I bleach once a month butwithin a passage of time i feel i have these spots appearing which werent there 2 years back. The products available in Pakistan cannot be trusted. Laser treatment requires months and is expensive too.


  2. Ive always heard removing facial hair with creams tends to thicker them over time.. as my mum puts it you gona grow a manly beard if you remove facial hair.. how was your experience ?

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    1. Oh no that did not occur with me, otherwise I would have stopped. Nothing really makes your hair thicker. It is the way the hair is at that length that makes it LOOK thicker. Like when we cut our hair shorter. It seems fuller and thicker, but it is the SAME hair. My experience was actually good. I continue to use this method and do so like 1-2 monthly. 🙂


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