Red Alert !!!

As promised, this is Lipstick Series #2.  All these lipsticks are also halaal. 🙂  Enjoy and look forward to Lipstick Series #3, next Friday.

A red/orange lip is something I like to pull off when I am in the daring mood or just want I want my lip color to be the statement of my look.  I love to have neutral eyes and a bold red lip.  There are many shades of red that I enjoy wearing.  Here are a few red lippies I grab when I want that statement lip.

****Below are swatches of the lip colors in the order mentioned. Left image is without flash and the right image is with flash. 🙂


MegaLast Lip Color

WnW-970-2             498ba052682853f69b0b775234b837b5--coraline-lipstick-swatches

I have two colors from this color line.  The top shade, Purty Persimmon is such a beautiful orangey red shade.  The red seems to peek though very little, while the soft orange maintains its glow.  The bottom shade, Coral-line, is a popsicle red.  I love to dab this on my lips when running errands or just for a little flush of color on my lips.  These lipsticks from Wet n Wild are so pigmented that it seems unbelievable to be priced so cheap.  They retail for $2.79!  Beat that!! These dry down completely matte.  They apply very smoothly, however, do dry your lips just a tad.  I really don’t mind this because at the end of the day, all matte lip colors do this.  It isn’t such a bad form of drying, so it is bearable.  I also love the fact that these shades have both red and orange elements in them.  This makes it very easy to wear everyday, with a neutral eye look, or on a night out, paired with a smokey eye.

E.L.F. Moisturizing Lipstick

Lip Stick

This color is a wow-zer!   This shade of orange is so vibrant that it will turn heads for sure.  It is not a neon orange, so it isn’t so edgy.  I think this is a beautiful shade for the spring season.  You can even rock this in summer with a bronze eye and face combo.  This lipstick is exactly what the names entitles: moisturizing.  It is so smooth and creamy.  It does not dry down matte, but has more of a satin look.  It is not shiny though.  I would say this is  the perfect formula for comfortable lips.  Also, the best part of this lipstick is that it is only $3.00!!!! This lipstick is a must-have for all those out there that want a color to turn heads 🙂

Sorry guys!! These are all the red/orange lip colors I have in stock!!!  I am working on finding more fall reds soon.  So definitely stay connected to see my fall lip colors coming very soon!!!!

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