5 Beauty Hacks

Here are some beauty hacks I use to look, feel, and stay BEAUTIFUL




I have been doing this long before wet-skin moisturizer even existed.  I hated applying lotion to my skin after getting all dry.  It just was too much of a hassle.  I would take a shower and wash off.  Then I would apply baby oil everywhere, my legs, arms, body.  Then I would run water all over just to remove any of the excess oil and ta da!!! Soft baby skin!!  This is way cheaper than the wet-skin moisturizer and I simply think it smells so fresh and clean too!  Just be careful in the shower to not slip and fall.


Okay guys! I have never understood why people buy tinted moisturizer when you can make them at home.  This way is cheaper and the consistency is to your liking.  I like to mix whatever foundation I am loving at the moment, which is mentioned in Foundations : Hits and Miss , and add some drops of coconut oil.  I mix this and to make it super extra, I add a drop of any liquid illuminator.  I am telling you that this will be the best tinted moisturizer ever!!  You can add more of anything or even less of something to fit whatever you are feeling that day.  Following this, I have never purchased a tinted moisturizer!!


This is the best way to get a natural dewy look without any hard steps or distress.  I like to finish my makeup and just before the setting spray I like to add just one thing to make it super natural and dewy.  I take a little pea-sized amount of Aquaphor on my fingertips and rub them together.  I then like to pat it all over my face, especially the high points.  This will give them a little pop of dewyness and add back some of the moisture.  Everything will melt into each other, giving off that perfect, healthy glow.  I do this a lot in the winter, since my skin is drier and lacks that natural glow.  Try this and for sure your skin will look like it is glistening from within.


Lately the entire makeup industry is after metallic lips.  I personally enjoy this look because it seems so fun.  However, we all have so many matte lip products that I think it would be a waste to purchase metallic lippies now.  I tried applying highlighter to the top of these matte shades when they are wet, and let me tell you!!  The results are amazing.  The lips pop with the perfect metallic-ness ( is that even a word?).  The best part is that you can custom the metallic shade by using golden, silver, rose, or whatever toned highlighter you want.  Now you all don’t need to go ahead and purchase new metallic lippies.  Save that money, like me, and spend it on something else, like maybe the new products from Fenty Beauty . Your welcome 🙂


When running errands, I like my look to be very easy, and sometimes going monochromatic is the best way.  By monochromatic, I am referring to the same shade of color on your lids, cheeks, and lips.  Instead of going and purchasing products of the same shades, I like to take whatever lipstick I will be using and use that on my cheeks and eyelids too.  I realized this is best when using a lipstick, since applying liquid lipstick to your cheeks might be too drying and look awkward.  I love to use pink shades because they seem to flush the entire face with a healthy color.  The creaminess from the lipstick also makes the entire look so natural and blends into your base effortlessly.


That’s all for today guys!!! Let me know some of your hacks and stay tuned for more useful beauty hacks ❤

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