DIY Face Masks


Lately I have been living on masks.  I tend to grab for store-bought ones usually, but lately, my skin has been giving me such a hard time since the weather is changing here in NYC.  I have turned to DIY Masks, and let me tell you, they are amazing!!  Here are a few DIY I have been using and their pros/cons.

The Egg White-Tissue Peel Mask


I actually got this from YouTuber Arshia Moorjani.  Go check it out for a in-depth way to apply this mask. 


• 1 egg white

• sheets of tissue paper ( like Charmin )


Beat the egg white in a clean bowl for a minute.  Make sure that it gets a little foamy because this will make the mask tacky and easy to apply.  Apply this mixture all over your face in a thin layer.  I like to use a flat foundation brush since it makes this easier.  Then, take your tissue paper and start layering it all over your face.  Try not to layer the tissue paper on top of each other since it will not make the mask effective. Once again, apply the  white mixture on top, BUT only a very thin layer.  Repeat this until you have a few layers on your skin.  After your entire face is covered and you look like a freaky person, let this dry.  It resembles paper mache, your face being the balloon, flour mixture the egg white, and the newspaper as your tissue paper.  After this is dry, remove the tissues and wash your face with your cleanser.  Wa la!


This mask only uses two ingredients found in EVERY person’s home.  It is also easy to make.  It left my skin soft and hydrated.  I also found that by removing the dried tissues, it felt as if my pores were cleaner.  It kind of acted like a not-so-strong pore strip for your face.


It smells funky because of the egg on your face, especially while drying.  I am very weird when it comes to smells, so this was a little hard to stand.  Also, the first time I used this mask, I layered too many tissues which caused the tissue to not dry.  I ended up with a mask-fail.  So you have to be careful and not make the tissue too wet or have too many or too little layers because this will not make the mask work.

Oatmeal and Yogurt Mask



• Oatmeal

• Yogurt


I like to take 2 tablespoons or so of oatmeal and grind this into almost a powder.  Then, take plain yogurt and mix this into your oatmeal powder.  I like to use about the same amount of yogurt.  It should look like a paste.  I then apply this on my face using a flat foundation brush.  I let this sit on my skin for 30 minutes.


This is amazing for the winter because the oatmeal will soothe any dryness.  I also  noticed that this calms down a lot of my redness caused by acne.  The yogurt,  because it acts a micro-bacterial agent, helped with flaming acne I had around my chin and nose.  I really love this mask!!


I had to use the a few times to notice its results, which isn’t a con for me but may be for some.  Overall, this mask is good for people with redness or acne.

EVOO and Brown Sugar 2-in-1 Mask


I love to use this mask a lot.  I probably use this mask the most out of all of these because it exfoliates and acts as a mask in one step.


• Extra-virgin Olive Oil ( EVOO)

• A few tablespoons of brown sugar


I take a few tablespoons of brown sugar and mix this with a tablespoon of EVOO.  You can add more EVOO as it should be easy to apply on your skin.  I then take my fingers and apply this all over my face and neck.  I leave it one for 5 minutes and then start to scrub this on my face using small circular motions.  After doing this for a few minutes, I rinse my face off with warm water.


This will moisturize your skin leaving it soooooo soft.  The brown sugar will gently exfoliate as well.  All the dead skin will be removed as well as any left over makeup or dirt.  I see instant results with this because my skin is softer, smoother and gives off such a nice healthy glow due to the EVOO.  I also think you can add less EVOO and use water if you have very oily skin.  However, I think even oily skin wont be harmed but EVOO becasue it will act as a moisturizer.


I have no cons for this one guys.  This is the best face mask for anyone!!

Try these out and let me know what you think ❤

2 thoughts on “DIY Face Masks

  1. These are nice I always wanted to try the oatmeal one but was too lazy, I use The egg mask but with out the tissue never thought of putting a tissue on your face. But it’s a great idea , it can act like a pore strip too. You should try the honey cinammon and nutmeg mask!


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