Don’t Hide it, Conceal it!!

Being a complete makeup junkie, I have had my share of concealers that I hated.  I had tried so many and they mostly always had some con.  Now with three munchkins and nearing the 30s, the dark circles are kicking it.  The funny thing is, my dark circles are not black, brown, or purple.  They give off a yellow and gray darkness that when I move my head side to side, can be seen.  I have finally found three concealers that work wonders for me.


The first concealer is one that I use for casual parties, get togethers, or a Parent Teacher Meeting.  The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Treatment Concealer.  This is amazing!! It covers just enough to make me look put together and awake.  The sponge applicator is something I personally love because it doesn’t apply too much product.  It layers the product so thin and evenly.  I also love how it is so easy to blend out.  I like to use my beauty sponge to blend this out.  However, it works just as well with a brush.  I use the shade Fair or sometimes the shade Light.  It is priced very well at $8.99.  Everyone must try this concealer!!


The second concealer is more of an everyday look concealer.  This is very light weight and the coverage is extremely light.  I like to wear this everyday when just quickly heading out the door as a last minute thing.  This shade, the lightest one, also matches my skin tone, so I pop this on my blemishes as well.  This miraculous is the E.L.F. HD Lifting Concealer.  The formula is super-super light and creamy.  I use my finger to blend this in since this is my hurry-I’m-in-a-rush concealer.  This also gives off a luminous finish which is great.  The best part is the price, are you ready for this?  $3.00!!!  It is only $3.00, guys!!!


The third and last concealer is one I use for a heavier makeup look such as going to weddings, dinners, night outs, or if I have some major dark circles.  This is the ever-so-famous Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour.  Oh my, oh my!! I am in love with this concealer.  There is nothing bad I can say about this at all!!  Priced at $25.00 it is worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY!! It will last you such a long time because you really need very little product.  I like to use my beauty sponge because this way it gives off an amazing sheen. It will cover every shade under your eyes!!  For my under eyes, I like to use the shade Fair Neutral.  I am also thinking of buying one that matches my skin tone to cover blemishes and any other imperfection.  It also makes my pores look less visible and my under eyes so bright.  There is no cake-iness or dryness either. ❤ LOVE LOVE LOVE ❤

 Trust me, with these products, dark circles won’t stand a chance!!!

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