Milani Moisture Lock Oil Infused Lip Treatment

With the weather changing to cold then hot and later on cold again, my lips are a wreck.  In my blog, Pucker Up !!! , I mention a lot of lip care products as well.  However, I am avoiding lippies that dry my lips and grabbing more moisturizing options. This product is something I have been grabbing everyday for the past 2 weeks now.


Milani Moisture Lock Oil Infused Lip Treatment

I was shopping at CVS for shampoo, and stumbled upon this on a rack.  Their bottle was so cute with its different colors.  I realized that these colors were different types of oil that these lip treatments contained.  They had a few colors left, and I decided to pick the white and pink ones.  The white one contained Coconut Oil and the pink one had Rose Hip oil.  As soon as I got home, I opened these and tried them on.  They were so soft and NOT sticky at all!! They felt so luxurious and didn’t only sit on the surface.  I felt as if the product was being absorbed in and actually made my lips softer.  They also gave off such a nice vacation-scent.  LOVE!!  These do not have any pigment, which is okay, but it would have been amazing if it gave off a tint.  This product is VEGAN, and since there are no haraam ingredients either, it is also HALAAL.




It retails for $8.00, which is very affordable, seeing that not much product is used in each application.  I also love the applicator which is like a harder version of a cotton ball on a wand.  It is so soft and shaped in a wider oval so it covers your entire top lip and then when applying on your bottom lip, that entire lip as well.  Overall, I think as soon as I finish one, which I haven’t even neared the half way mark yet, I WILLLLLLL be repurchasing.



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