Top 3 Tips for Amazing Skin


Stick to your routine

I can’t stress enough how bad my skin begins to look and feel when I skip a day or two of my skin routine.  Sometimes even when trying something new, my skin won’t cooperate.  We are all human and can sometimes skimp on a product or forget to do.  But it is always easier on your skin if we stick to the same products and routine.  Your skin is used to these products so it expects that love.  It is important to follow with your favorite products and use them accordingly as well.  My Current Skincare Routine is what I have been following for a few months now, and my skin is loving it!

Always cleanse before sleeping

It took me so long to get into the habit of cleansing before hitting the sack.  I was just too tired and lazy.  My point is that even if you do not have any makeup on, there is dirt and oil that is sitting on your skin.  While sleeping, all those impurities will sink into your skin and cause texture or acne.  No one wants that!!  I noticed that when I started cleansing before sleeping, my skin was just overall in much better condition.  Stay tuned for my Night-Time SkinCare Routine coming up soon.

Apply all treatments at night

This is very important!!!!!  I used to apply my acne treatments or hydrating masks in the daytime and would see it would take so long for any results to show up.  I now apply any spot treatments at night and by the morning time the pimple/blemish is flattened or sometimes even gone.  When I have dry patches on my face I will slap on a hydrating sleeping mask and wake up to soft and moisturized skin.  I think it is because while we sleep our body repairs itself, so our skin probably does the same.  At night also I noticed that our skin absorbs more product since we are not moving around much.  I just find that anything applied at night-time has more effect on the skin.

What do you swear by makes your skin amazing?? Share <33


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