Enlite Super Face Night Brite Brightening Sleep Mask


This was my first sleeping mask and I was terrified.  I am not used to leaving something on all night because it is scary what you will wake up with on your face.  The packaging was really nice and sturdy.  It looked like a high-end product so I began to have high hopes from this product.  Taking a huge breath, I applied this one and this is what I feel.

I applied 2-3 pumps on my fingertips and began to layer it evenly all over my face.  At first instant, it felt like a moisturizer.  It had the same consistency and also applied like a moisturizer as well.  After doing so, I went to sleep and prayed my face didn’t break out or turned flaming red.

I woke up and noticed nothing.  It didn’t do anything at all.  I was very disappointed.  I decided to give this a run for its $16.00, and try it for a few more days.  It claims to brighten your skin and fade hyper-pigmentation.  It also helps to fade scars from acne and blemishes.  I decided to apply this twice a week and then see what I feel about this.

After using this product for one month, twice a week, I have come to the conclusion that it is an okay product.  I mean it did brighten my complexion but that is all that it did.  It was not anything WOW.  I think there may be other products at the drugstore priced the same that might produce better results.  I will not be repurchasing this unfortunately.  😦


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