Flutter Them Lashes

I love mascaras.  I really believe that there are mascaras for every type of occasion and you cannot use just one mascara for every one.  Here are my go-to mascaras for all types of occasions.


I think this type of a mascara has to have exceptional qualities for me to be able to use it the most.  I honestly believe it should also be very affordable since you will run out of it like nothing.  The E.L.F. 3-in-1 Mascara is just that.  It retails for $3.00 and is truly amazing!  It gives the most natural look to your lashes, but gives them that lift and coating it needs.  It also does not clump at all!!!  The little round head makes it super easy to spread your lashes apart and give them that fan effect.  It is super easy to remove with your favorite makeup remover.  It does not have any scent to it, so that is a plus.  It comes only in black.  Personally, black is good for me since my eyebrows are very dark.  Overall, an amazing find for the everyday, school and errands type of days.



For this, we need a mascara that is not as suttle but not so out there either.  You want to be able to have volume, lift, and a bit of oomph.  The Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara is perefect for this!!  This mascara will give you so much volume and length that you will not believe these still are your lashes.  The brush wand, being so narrow at the end, makes it easy to coat every lash, even the little ones towrds the corner of your eyes.  This retails for $8.99 which is super affordable for just about everyone.  It comes in Very Black and Black Brown. This also is scent-less, so yay!  It can be easily removed by any makeup remover and cotton pad. Many beauty gurus rage about this mascara, and for good reason!



For these type of occasions you want that va-va-voom and extra oomph in your lashes.  The TooFaced Better Than Sex Mascara is your match made in heaven.  This mascara will make your lashes appear the fullest and longest ever.  The full brush wand makes the product distribution on every single lash easier while also coating it with the perfect amount of product.  Retailing for $23.00, it is a bit pricey.  Being vegan and just AMAZING, it is totally worth it.  Just pleast trust me!  Every beauty guru will tell you they have this in their collection.  Whenever I have worn this so many people have complimented how amazing my false lashes look, when in reality, I HAD NONE ON!!  It was this mascara that made them seem so extra.  For glam, weddings, and just those days you want to be out there, pick this mascara up because it will never let you down.


Why what full, long lashes you have!  The better to flutter with, my dear.

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