September Lifestyle Faves

This month was when my favorite time of the year started : FALL!!  I love this weather.  It makes me feel amazing.  The cool breeze and crispness in the air just makes me feel light and happy. 🙂  This is what I have been adoring this month.


Coffee In Milk


I am loving this way to drink coffee and get my daily calcium intake as well.  I have been using any instant coffee.  This coffee isn’t too bitter and it also isn’t too light.  I mix about a heaping tablespoon in a large coffee mug full of cold milk.  I then put it in the microwave for about 1:30.  It is just warm enough for steam to come out, and that is how I love it!!!  I drink this before my breakfast while under my throw in the living room.  It makes me feel all warm and soft inside on these chilly mornings.


Fuzzy Socks


Yup I’m a fuzzy-sock-lover.  I love how they feel.  They are warm but very light on the feet.  I also love how they come in wacky stripes and polka dots.  I wear them all day and when the feet are dry, at night too!  What I like to do is to apply a thick cream to my feet and then slip on these socks.  They wont make my feet too warm, which is perfect!  When I wake up in the morning, my feet are baby soft!


Snugglin’ & Cuddlin’


This is the best time for this!! I love how in the mornings on weekends, the kids wake up early and get under the blanket with me.   At first, I feel like I need to sleep more and am like “oh man”!  But then the warmth of their sweet smiles just fill me up with happiness.  I mean who can resist those naughty smiles?




Okay so for all the non-desi readers, you all are missing out on something yummy yummy.  This is basically a gram flour fry snack.  Click on this Pakora Recipe for a nice way to make these.  I sometimes change it and like to mix onions, potatoes, dry fenugreek, coriander seeds, garlic paste, chilli powder, salt, and cumin all together.  All the veggies are cut in to thin strips about 2 inches long.  Then, I start adding the water.  It has to have a thick paste consistency.  It should be able to slide off your spoon.  You have to fry this in a wok full of hot, hot oil.  Fry them till they are golden brown.  Yummy in my tummy deliciousness is ready!!!  I love to have them in chilly evenings with my tea.  I am so oldie feely right?  Hey it’s these simple moments I look forward to in life ❤

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