Besan/Gram Flour Mask



4 tbsp. gram flour

As much as need-water



Take the gram flour and place it in a plastic/glass bowl.  Avoid using any metal bowl or spoon in anything skin related because the metal can cause a reaction.  Add water, very slowly and little by little, until you have a thin paste.  The consistency should be thin enough to be spreadable yet thick enough to not be so watery.  Apply this with your wingers, or a facial brush.  I sometimes like to use a flat foundation brush.  Avoid the eyebrow and eye area.  Let this completely dry.  Once it is dry, wet your face and remove it with a warm, wet towel.


The benefits are amazing of this mask.  Gram flour is used in Asian countries for many reasons.  Cooking, skin, and even facial hair can benefit from this flour.  I love to use this mask when my skin feels super oily.  This mask will brightne the skin as well as help with acne.  The gram flour helps to remove all excess oil, tighten pores, and make the skin feel tight.  It is very easy to get all these ingredients and also very pocket friendly.  Use this mask once a week and see miraculous results.

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