How I deal with Stress


Lately so much has been happening in my life that I felt the need to address this not only for you all, but for myself too.  Life is life and let’s face it, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.  We all go through hard times whether they be emotionally, physically, or financially.  What makes it normal is that we all get through everything and at the end of it all, there is a light.

For those dark times I like to do certain things that make me feel good. 

One thing I personally enjoy and believe everyone should do is read.  Reading can make you enter any world you want.  I am a sucker for all the Nicholas sparks reads.  They take me to a world where love and sweetness surround me. Sometimes I also enjoy reading real life situation novels.  These help me see that there is always something worse and to always, always count my blessings.  We all go through things, reading helps me realize this.

Writing is another one.  I used to keep a journal but for certain reasons had to stop.  Now this blog helps me clear my mind and focus it on what I love : style, fashion and makeup.  When I write I feel as if I am pouring my passion out to everyone and that makes me feel so good inside. Anything relatable makes the other person feel better about themselves, hence makes me feel warm inside.

Ice cream makes all my boo boos feel brand new.  I love it especially when I am feeling not so good emotionally.  I don’t know maybe it’s the cold temp that makes all that anger cool down or just the fact that I love ice cream.  It  just makes that low feeling disappear.

Chocolate yes yes !  Dark chocolate makes me feel a boost inside.  I feel stronger and so bold afterwards.  I guess it’s that bitterness that makes me feel that bitter things can be okay because at the end it’s all sweet.

These all may be silly but it’s what makes me feel a bit sane in this world of ours.  Always be positive and realize no one is perfect nor is anyone’s life perfect.  We are imperfectly amazing, each and every one of us!!

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