BH Cosmetics – CarliBybel Eyeshadow and Highlight Palette


I bought this palette as soon as it came out.  I instantly fell in love because I love CarliBybel.  For those of you who don’t know her, she is a YouTube Beauty Guru.  Her channel is amazing and it is what taught me how to do my makeup.  I learned mostly all of my techniques from watching her videos.  She is also such a kind-hearted person and overall an amazing human-being.  When she came out with this, I had to buy it.

This palette was her first edition, since she also has a deluxe edition, so I do not have an ingredients list.  However, it is vegan and cruelty-free.  It is also halaal.  Now let’s get to the quality of this palette.  The colors are so creamy and have an amazing color pay off.  Not too much kick off, which is great because that means you will not be wasting any product.  I bought this off the BHCosmetics website for $14.50.  Let me repeat that….$14.50!!!!  That is amazing!!


It comes with a nice sized mirror which is great for travelling.  The shades are primarily matte, with a few shimmer exceptions.  The last bottom row is her highlighter shades.  OH MY GOD!!  They are a dream come true for highlighter lovers out there.  Whenever I have this on, everyone in my family would ask me what I had on.  I have even bought a few palettes for friends and family as gifts.  The colors are blindingly bright yet not chunky or glittery.  Amazing!!  For my skin tone, I used mostly the first two shades from the left.  I used the other two as eyeshadow that were also just as amazing!!  I wish she still had this palette, but as soon as I am done with the 2nd palette ( yes I bought 2 of them!!), I am definitely repurchasing the new edition.

Below are swatches of each of the shades by rows, starting from the top.  The last picture is the highlighter shades with flash.  GORGEOUS!!!



img_1333   img_1334

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this palette.  Go ahead and purchase the Deluxe Carli Bybel Eye and Highlighter Palette which contains the shades from this palette as well because this version is unfortunately sold out.  My next repurchase will be the Deluxe Palette.  Till next time my lovelies ❤



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