Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so I decided to think all pink.  Here is some pink-ness for you in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.


It is no surprise that this would not make a pink list.  The Original BeautyBlender is a makeup junkie dream come true.  There still isn’t a makeup sponge that can perform as well as this.  The combination of making you makeup blend seamlessly and give off a smooth, un-cakey finish is phenomenal.  Sephora is also currently having a Mini Sale and this bad boy is on sale for $25.  This includes a mini solid and comes in an adorable ornament ball.  Do I hear stocking stuffer? 🙂


This has been the ONLY moisturizer I have been using everywhere for the past few months!! The Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter IS AMAZING!!  I have a review coming up soon, so I won’t rant on about this.  BUT I AM TELLING YOU THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE – yup this is that good!!



I plan out all my blogs and writing in my little notebook which is almost pageless.  Words to Love By Notebook caught my attention on Ulta.  This is on the BCRF list.  It costs $5, so super affordable.  This notebook is too cute and for me is exactly what I talk about here.  Definitely, my next buy.


It will not be complete without me mentioning a sweet.  This Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake is scrumptious-ness on a stick.  The sweetness from the cream mixed in with the tartness from the strawberry is LOVE.  The coating adds to its flavor and makes this a must-have ice cream bar for me.  This bar is divine and best thing is that it is available at all supermarkets.  Yay!!!!


Please take time to pray for those with breast cancer, and just everyone in general.  If we all took time to help those that need it, this world will become a much better place.  We need to pray, care, and love for everyone around us. Stay happy and help spread happiness all around.  

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