Smother Me With Some Butter

After a long and tiring day running errands, and especially running after the kids, I am long due for a luxurious shower.  I have been enjoying my shower a lot lately because of what I have been using to obtain soft, supple, and smooth skin.

I always like to use warm-hot water.  I know this can make your skin more dry, but I just love how it makes my muscles feel all loose and relaxed.  I enjoy standing under the warm shower for a few minutes and let all the tiredness go down the drain.  I then exfoliate.  I have a loofah that is more on the rough side.  I don’t pay too much attention to which brand or anything, I just like to feel it.  If it is too soft, it won’t do much to my skin.  If it is too harsh, it won’t be so enjoyable and too hard for my skin.  Therefore, I like to wing it and just feel mine before purchasing.

I don’t place anything on the loofah.  I like to make sure it is super wet with warm water and then just begin scrubbing everywhere.  I feel that when we add a body wash to the loofah, it is so hard to wash out and plus it won’t be as exfoliating as without the body wash.  It is just my opinion, you can always do you 🙂


I then take my favorite, vegan body wash and pump a few pumps onto my palms.  Soap & Glory Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel is my go-to for the past few months.   I am actually done with my first bottle and on to my second.  Yes, it is that good!  There is absolutely nothing not to love.  It is a vegan formula, yet it smells totally delicious.  Usually most vegan washes always have a coconut smell, which is great, but sometimes you want something different.  This is it  you guys!! It lathers in to such a heavy, foamy, creamy feel.  Love it!  It moisturizes so well since it is a creamy body wash.  I love the pump because it distributes the product very well.  It also leaves your skin extremely clean.  You can actually feel how clean after you wash it off.  After washing it off, your skin also has a sweet floral scent to it.  It retails for $10.00 for a 16.2 oz. bottle, which is pretty good.  Even if this product was expensive I would totally indulge in this.

After I am done enjoying that part, I like to take any oil I have handy and apply it all over.  Make sure to tie your hair out of the way because you don’t want oily hair.  I take generous amounts of oil in my palms and make sure to apply to the extra dry areas, such as elbows, knees, etc.  I leave this on for a few minutes.  Then I rinse it off really well with warm water.  This is such a good trick to get baby soft skin without hitting the bank.    It also lets you control how much hydration you need in certain areas.  I am currently using coconut oil, but you can seriously use anything.  When my kids were younger, I would use their baby oil and it worked equally well.


I pat myself dry using any towel.  I make sure to dry off really well so that any extra oil left over can also be absorbed into my skin.  I finish off with another favorite I have been using for the same amount of months I had been using my Soap & Glory Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel for.  The Soap & Glory’s The Righteous Butter is super amazing.  I am also almost out, and WILL be buying a new jar of this goodness.  This also has such a luxurious scent to it that is similar to the Soap & Glory Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel.  It seems as if you are pouring parfum all over your body when you apply this.  It is not too strong, yet not so subtle to be unnoticeable.  It goes on like butter, seriously.  It melts into the skin so smoothly.  The   is amazing for very dry skin, however, it is good for all skin types as well.  The formula is not greasy or too heavy which is ideal for a good body butter.  It retails for $15.00 and is also their vegan formula so you have a perfect winner.  I am now left smooth, soft, silky, and so heavenly scented that I feel my best at this point.

After all of this indulgence before bed, I feel all ready for whatever life may throw me the next morning.  Till then my lovelies ❤

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