Pur-lisse Daily Lip Nourisher


Pur-Lisse Daily Lip Nourisher, $16 ( shop now )


I received the Pur-Lisse Daily Lip Nourisher in the GenBeauty goody bag.  This was a fairly new brand for me to try.  I had heard of it before since it is a vegan and cruelty-free brand.  However, it is quite an expensive brand, hence why I was very skeptical in buying anything.  I feel very iffy in buying more expensive products unless I know someone using it so I know that I will love it.  No one I know has ever used products from this line, so that’s why I was super excited to try this out.


The packaging is very simple.  It comes in a white tube with the brand written in blue.  There is a foiled silver line on top.  It is secured with the normal twist cap.  It has a slanted tip applicator that dispenses a good amount of product from the middle where there is a hole.  It is a very classic and clean look for a lip balm.



This lip nourisher contains mango and shea butter.  It also is petroleum-free.  I was more intrigued by the petroleum-free part.  Usually most balms and sticks have petroleum in them which can soothe the lips but often leave them feeling heavy.  Petroleum also tends to sit on the lips rather than sink into the lips.  Mango, to my surprise, offers the skin a lot of benefits.  It reduces wrinkles and fine lines the lips can begin to form over time.  It hydrates as well due to mangoes containing beta carotene which is converted in to vitamin A.  Mangoes can also help prevent skin cancer.  Shea butter is a very common ingredient in  many of our products.  It contains fatty acids that help moisturize and hydrate our skin.  It also helps protect your natural oils hence locking every single drop of oil inside.  The lip nourisher also contains rice bran oil, vitamin E and jojoba oil.  These oils soothe and moisturize the lips.  The rice bran oil contains a very high amount of fatty oils which are perfect for dry and cracked lips.  The jojoba oil helps regenerate the cells on our skin, making it appear softer and smoother.  The vitamin E in this lip nourisher ties all the ingredients together by enhancing its moisturizing components by further adding hydration and fatty oils.  All these ingredients, to my opinion, pack this lip nourisher with so much goodness.


This retails for $16.00.  It is a bit more costly than a regular drugstore lip balm, however it is a vegan and cruetly-free option.


It claims to hydrate the lips and seal in moisture.  It will heal dry and cracked lips leaving them lush, soft, moist and youthful looking.  This is basically what all lip balm should do and actually claim to do.

My Results

I have been using this for about 2-3 weeks.  I put it on in the morning after I cleanse and at night before I go to sleep.  I also have used this to prep my lips for a liquid lipstick.  This feels so light on the lips and has absolutely no sticky residue.  It actually feels like if water had a thicker form this is what it would feel like.  It is completely clear and gives off a natural but better and healthy look to your lips.  There is no shine to this but it isn’t completely bare either.  I liked the texture and overall feel of this.  It lasted on the lips for quite a while and then would completely absorb into my lips.  After being absorbed, it made my lips feel and look healthier and youthful.  They just looked as idf they were on their own so soft and moist.  I really liked this lip product.  Would I purchase this on my own?  I probably might.  I want to test this out a bit more since winter is coming up.  I will definitely keep you guys postedon how it performs in the much colder and drier season ahead.



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