5 Ways to Get Rid of Dark Under-Eyes




Ice is a very good way to help the darkness under your eyes.  The coolness from the ice will tone down puffiness, hence, also lightening the darkness under your eyes.  You can also add to this effect by adding chamomile to the ice cubes before freezing.  I like to brew some chamomile tea and freeze them into ice cubes.  The chamomile tea will help with the redness or puffiness because of its calming properties.



Caffeine not only makes you feel awake but can also make you look awake.  Green tea bags are an amazing way to accomplish this.  The green tea bags will help with any swelling or dark circles that may appear under the eyes.  It will also, over time, help tighten the area around your eyes.  You can boil a cup of green tea and use those bags.  Cool them completely and then place them for 10-15 minutes on your eyes.  This should do the trick!



Sometimes even the best concealer will not cover your dark circles completely.  This is where you need the help of a color corrector.  Peach and orange color correctors are mostly what work to cover dark circles under your eyes.  Just remember to apply a small and thin layer.  You also want to layer on a good concealer on top to perfect your well-rested, no-dark-circles under eye.


coffee bean remedy

As I stated earlier, caffeine is a great way to liven your under eye and remove those dark circles.  You can brew some ground coffee and use that ground coffee for your under eyes.  Take a little bit and apply it under your eyes.  Just be careful to avoid being too close to your eyes.  Apply this in a U shape under the eyes and leave on for 10 minutes.  It is better to lay down while doing this so it doesn’t get too messy.  Remove the coffee with cold water, since warm water will cause puffiness.  The caffeine should stimulate blood flow and help the eyes to become more awake, giving you a brighter under eye.



This is the easiest and best way to help with dark circles.  We should all have a good night sleep.  The recommended amount is 8-10 hours which not a lot of us have.  Life can get in the way of sleeping, whether it be work we have, kids, or maybe a health issue.  Taking naps also can help when night sleep is hard to get.  Just a mere 30 minutes of sleep during the day can help you get back on track and feel a bit more rested.  Sleep is necessary if we need those dark circles packed and out of the door.



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