My Favorite Beauty Sponges

Applying foundation using a beauty sponge is all every makeup lover’s dreams are made up of.  The way a sponge evenly distributes the foundation all while blending it seamlessly is why it has taken the place of a makeup brush.  You can control your level of coverage by layering the foundation and can easily make even that look perfectly airbrushed and not caked at all.  There are way too many beauty sponges out there and let me tell you, I have tried so so so many of them.  Here are three that I can say are the best out there!

IMG_5334Pur Contour Blending Sponge $12 ( shop here)

This is a newbie for me that I have been using non-stop ever since I got it in my GenBeauty goodie bag.  I was so ecstatic to see this sponge because I have heard so many rave about this particular beauty sponge.  Like most beauty sponges, you have to wet it and squeeze it under water.  Then, you can squeeze out all excess water and it is ready to be used.  This will also make it expand in size.  It has a rounded bottom and a rounder tip on the top.  That rounded tip is so good under the eyes and also around the nose.  I also love that in between the eyebrows because it is the perfect shape and size to fit in there without it messing with your brows.  The special part is that it also has a flat side.  This is what makes it so good.  I love to bake using this side.  It is the perfect size to bake under the eyes and also under your contoured cheek area.  The sponge is dense and bouncy so it makes makeup glide on.  It soaks just enough product up just in case you apply too much foundation.  The sponge also is so light and fluffy so it is the perfect form for an airbrushed look.  I adore this sponge so much that I am purchasing another one soon.

NMC25PH_au.jpgThe Original BeautyBlender, $20 ( shop here )

This is the mother of all beauty sponges and for good reason too.  Honestly speaking, I have not found a sponge as good as this so far.  You also wet this under water and squeeze out excess water.  This will expand so much that it will almost triple in size.  There is something about the density and material that the beauty blender is made from that separates it from the rest.  It comes in many colors now and also has a mini version for under the eyes or for using it in a smaller precise area on your face.  Its egg shape is also a reason for its seamless application.  The material does not soak up so much product making your product last longer.  It retails for $20 which is a bit expensive knowing that you will be replacing it after a few months.  This is the only draw back and why people look for dupes.  I personally have one for special occasions or those foundations that are a tad bit trickier to blend out.  Every makeup lover has at least one of these miracle wonders and it is a staple in the collection.


The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, $5.99 ( shop here )

This is the affordable option in my opinion.  You use it the same way by wetting it under water and squeezing out all extra water.  It will also expand hugely in size.  Before being introduced to the Pur Contour Blending Sponge, I was using this as an everyday beauty sponge.  It is the closest I have seen to The Original BeautyBlender in every way possible.  It applies makeup the exact same way and is almost the same shape besides the flat side it has.  This is a side I actually like because it helps with baking and cleaning up contour.  The only drawback is that it does soak up quite a lot of product so you end up using a tad bit more product than normal.  I would say, retailing for $5.99 a piece, this is a deal breaker.  It is so easily affordable and performs so well that why wouldn’t anyone buy this?

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