Remington Wet 2 Dry Hair Straightener

I am very picky when it comes to my hair.  All the coloring and highlighting has taken a toll on my hair, thus, making it so dry and damaged.  I usually try to find tools that have a ceramic plate since that will eliminate any frizz and calm down the poofy-ness.  Remington was my first straightener and it did so good straightening my hair.  After 10 years, I was keen to see if it still performed the same on my dry, frizzy, hair.



Remington Wet 2 Dry Straightener, $27.99 ( shop here )


It is a smooth black plastic straightener.  It is a 2” wide and ceramic plated.  It has a dial that you can set to for different temperatures.  There is a blue slide button to turn this on and off.  It is a wet 2 dry straightener, as is written on the straighter, so you can use this on wet and dry hair.


60% less* damage! Remington, the #1 brand in straighteners**, brings you the Wet 2 Straight Flat Iron with Soy Hydra Complex. It straightens and dries hair in one step to save you time and damage with your styling routine. Unique steam vents safely remove water from damp hair, while the 420 degree F high heat quickly straightens any hair type. The 1 3/4″ plates contain ceramic and titanium to maintain consistent temperatures and further prevent heat damage. You’ll have sleek, straight styles in no time!

The specially designed plates prevent heat damage while maintaining a consistent temperature. Get professional results fast from 420 degree F salon high heat. The indicator light shows when heat is best for straightening wet hair (green light) or dry hair (amber light). Style almost instantly with the powerful 30-second heat up. A wide range of temperature settings let you find the best heat for your hair. Enjoy peace of mind with the 60-minute auto shutoff feature.

*Versus drying & straightening

**Nielsen L52W Units, ending November 2014

Key Features:

  • Ceramic + Titanium Plates
  • 420 degree F High Heat
  • Wet/Dry Styling Indicator
  • 30-Second Heat Up
  • 30 Heat Settings
  • Auto Shutoff


It is retailed at many drugstores, such as Ulta, for $27.99.

My Thoughts

In overall do like this straightener a lot.  Would I say it is the best in this world? No.  According to how well it is priced and its availability, it performed good.  It does straighten the hair very quickly.  The 30 second heat up is true because it instantly heats up.  The wet and dry option is also very convenient since it will let you skip the blow drying.  But here is where I start to get iffy.  It will not save you time becaues you will have to keep going on a piece of hair over and over till it dries then straightens.  So really, it does not save time.  It is just the fact of not having to use two tools.  It also does not flatten the hair.  It will make it straight perfectly but not smooth.  The overall look is not sleek, so I do go in with argan oil to smooth the hair.  Also, when your hair is wet you hear a sizzling sound.  Now I know you might not be actually frying the hair, but I swear, that is what it sounds like.  The sound is kind of scary and makes your brain sense that your hair is getting damaged.  In total I would say, if you have pretty straight hair that is not so wild, this is a good buy.  However, if you have thicker and curly hair, this would be a total pass for you.




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