Why Skin Care is Important

Skin care is all the new rave and for good reason too!!  We all need the base to be good in order for everything else on top to look great.  I am also learning that skin care is so important.  We should all take care of our skin and tend to its needs.  As we get older our skin changes.  For some, it may get drier and mature.  For others, it may tend to get oiler and develop texture.  Just like how we are all different, our skin is too.  First, we all need to find out what type of skin we have.  There are mostly three types of skin: dry, oily, combination.  Most people fall into these three categories.  Next, we should all learn to READ ingredients and know what they are for.  Sometimes we see in the media people hyped up about a certain ingredient and rush out to buy it.  This is a no-no!!!  Always read what that ingredient is made from, how it is used for your skin type, and what are the side effects.  Everyone has different skin and thus different needs to be met.  Please do your research.  Lastly, always give the product time to show its magic.  Nothing can work over night and poof aways your imperfections.  Give it some time and be consistent.  Follow the product up at the same time and same way every application.  Your skin needs time to react to it.

If the skin is good, makeup will look better too.  I used to spend so much on my makeup and skimp on the skin care.  Now I actually do the opposite.  I will buy an expensive mask or toner if it really works for me.  You have to work on your skin first because if you have unhealthy skin the makeup can cover it but not look so smooth or flawless.  Spend time and some money on your skin because you will not be disappointed.

We need to learn to let the skin breathe as well.  Many of us are so used to wearing some sort of makeup everyday that we do not let the skin breathe.  Slathering up the skin with foundation and blush and highlighter will do havoc for your skin.  Maybe on your day off, skip the makeup and love your skin naturally.  Let the skin breathe and enjoy its day off too!

I hope you realize that skin is the largest organ in our body.  It protects us from so many things.  It repairs us, keeps us warm/cold, and is always there for us.  We all need to love it and take care of it.



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