Tis the season for candles…

As we get closer to the end of the year and to the cooler days, candles are something I truly love.  They simply liven my mood and make me happy.  Scented candles add an aroma to the air that can make all the stress, troubles and hardships pause in life for a while.


There are certain scents that attract me and others that I don’t find so appealing.  I gravitate towards floral, wood, calming, and soothing notes.  Sand, rose, jasmine, birchwood, mahogany and lavender are just a few words I lean towards.

I stay away from citrus, fruity, food related and vanilla scents.  These notes don’t grab me because I like a candle to lighten the air naturally with of course more natural scents.  These out-there-scents add heaviness to the air making it too loud and less relaxing.

Here are a few candles that speak to me louder than any:

8490114946810p.jpgYankee Candle Midnight Jasmine ( shop here )

calm_lavender_classic_full_v2_white-720x526Calm Lavender Jewelry Candle ( shop here )

023312553.jpgMahogany Teakwood 3-wick Candle ( shop here )

9e8ee36ac0acf057a0c9e9f9dcaab30c--pink-sand-yankee-candles.jpgYankee Candle Pink Sands ( shop here )


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