October Lifestyle Faves



Super Long Sleeved Hoodies

This is my definition of comfy and cozy nights.  I love wearing something super comfy in bed.  Coffee is my life obsession and so is reading, hence, this sums up why long sleeve hoodies are my favorite.  The long sleeves help keep your hands and fingers so warm and toasty in these cool nights.  A must for my fall/winter seasons.


Spreadable Cheese Wedges

This creamy spread is yummy in my tummy.  I love to spread this on my toast in the morning or for a light snack on a cracker.  It tastes soooo good and the best part is that it is only 35 calories.  So drop the guilt and enjoy this smooth scrumptious delight.  It also tastes good on a bagel as well.  It is just a good spread overall.


Candy Corn

Many people do not like this sweetness but I personally wait for this season to eat candy corn.  The addiction is too real that I have to hide the pack or candy corn otherwise I eat so much that I feel the need to vomit.  I love the texture and the sweetness it packs.  I also love the fact that you have to wait all year for this love to come to the stores.  It sort of makes you feel that winter is coming and that is an amazing feeling.



Yes guys I love this show!!  I found out about it while browsing my Netflix.  I binge all the seasons in around 1 week or so and now am currently watching it on CW11.  It has a mix of fashion, drama, cuties, mystery, and suspense all in one.  I especially love Jughead.   Yes, I fall the bad guys.  It is different from the original Archie Comics, which this drama is inspired from.  I have enjoyed the comics as well as the tv show so far.  It airs on Wednesday on Channel 11, or on the web on their site.

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