Easy Hairstyles for Everyday

Sometimes all we want is to look put together and not have to use any effort.  I wear a hijab scarf outside the home all the time, but when at home or at an all-girl event I love to put my hair into something cool and chic.  I have even done these on my daughter, and they have come out so beautiful.  These are a few styles that speak put together and sassy all in one.


This is super easy to do and comes out so well.  You have to divide your hair into three parts.  The middle part has to be a bit bigger that the other two side parts.  Now all you have to do is braid them.  The side parts are easier since you can see them once placed near your shoulder.  The middle part will take a bit more time and effort.  Once done with all three parts, I like to secure them with clear elastic.  Then you braid those three parts like you would a normal braid.  Secure this bigger braid with a clear elastic as well. Pull out the braid creating more volume for a fuller appearance to the braid.  It is such a cute way to amp up the average braid.


This is super cute on shorter hair but can be pulled off on any length.  Take out a middle piece from your crown to make into a ponytail.  Pull at the hair on the top to create some volume.  Take a piece of hair from the top of your ear to make into a braid.  Do the same to the other side.  Secure all with an elastic.  Also pull at the braid to add volume.  Once done with this, simply tie together all the parts to make one middle ponytail.  You can always add any accessories to show your personal style.


This is another way to amp up your ponytail.  You can make one ponytail half way from left ear to right ear.  Then, you can gather the rest of your hair and tie it also in another ponytail.  Once you let go of both ponytails, you have a very fluffy and voluminous look.  This can be omphed up by adding a few pins, a ribbon, or even a tiara for a very special occasion or for little girls.


This is another way to jazz up your ponytail.  You simply make a ponytail.  Pull one of the wrap of the band slightly down.  Then grab a chunk of hair and make a braid.  Secure the braid and begin to wrap it around the ponytail.  Secure the end with a bobby pin.  Wa la!!!

I love these ways to make your average looks a bit different wihtout having to spend so much time.  Try these out and let me see how they come out for you!!!!1fa0c51cc3a97b47298f12cccd19edd8

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