November Lifestyle Faves

This month has just been very hectic, with the kids having their trips and parties, mixed in with my new gym membership, ( yes, this is a new change for me which will be discussed in another post soon!! ) and runny noses.  Here is just somethings that have kept me sane and just some things I enjoyed throughout this lovely month of November!

Kids’ Parties

I love spending time with my kids and their classmates.  This lets me see how they are in another environment besides my home.  I also love seeing all the kids enjoy themselves and just be kids.  This time their parties were for Thanksgiving.  I love how we all had different types of foods and the kids, to my surprise, actually tried them.  It makes the kids view something different and that is amazing!  Different is something I want my kids to know is what will help them grow into wonderful humans.  Different is what everyone needs to experience so that we can all connect with each other in life.

No New Makeup

Yes this was a hard one for me, but I decided to try out everything I have first before going ahead and buying more.  It was getting to the point where I was buying anything and everything I saw in sight.  Totally a waste of money!  It was really hard because I did not buy anything – even on Black Friday.  Yes you heard me right!!! NOT EVEN ON BLACK FRIDAY!!

Break from Social Media

I also needed a breath of clean and positive air before the year really ended.  I realized social media relaly has us on a wit’s end.  We begin to ask ourselves silly questions and compare each other to pictures and quotes others have posted.  I would even tell myself why someone hasn’t contacted me yet has the time to talk to other people.  I really began to hate myself for absolutely no reason.  I realized that not everyone has to keep in touch and that I do not have to either.  It is simply easier to talk to everyone happily whenever you talk and if you do not, then THAT IS OKAY.  This thought was really something my bff and I have been talking about for a few days.  because her and I are such nice people, I am not really complimenting myself but I really have a problem in saying no and just being super nice even when I really don’t need to, we expect others to treat us at least the same.  THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN ALL THE TIME…and guess what?? THAT IS OKAY ❤  This was also a reason I was MIA on my blog posts, sorry, but I really needed to detach for a few.


How was that for November??

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