December/January Lifestyle Faves

SOOOORRYYYY!!!! I am super Super Super late for December’s lifestyle faves and missed out on January as well, so I decided to combine them into this SHORT post.  ENJOY!!!

Twinings Lemon and Ginger Tea


I have always been into teas, especially after dinner time.  it seems to calm down my tummy after any heavy meal and makes me sleep much calmer.  I tend to fall asleep rather easy but sometimes if I am really tired I can’t sleep.  This tea tastes amazingly refreshing.  I thought the ginger would be really strong but it actually was a great addition with the lemon.  I have finished the first box and have bought so many more boxes afterwards.

My Gym Trainer

I had mentioned that I had joined the gym in an earlier post.  I was given a few free sessions with a trainer as part of my package.  This was the best thing that could have happened for me because I am the type of person that needs that extra push and shove.  I was assigned a trainer named Nicki.  Let me tell you that she is the one that made me lose these 5 pounds.  I have PCOS and also other hormonal problems that have made it impossible to lose even a pound since August.  I joined the gym around mid November and in late December was when I had my check in.  I had finally lost something!!  I had lost 5 lbs. and a total of 4 inches!  It may seem very little to some people, but for me it is actually a good start.  Nicki always checked in and modified everything to make it easier for me to love working out.  She wanted me to succeed, even after my sessions.  It really seems that she cared.  She would message me asking if I would come to her class.  I also hit a few bumps where I was in pain regarding my knee.  She would check in to make sure I was fine.  She would also not make me do anything that would cause my knee pain.  I really appreciate that someone would want this for me.  She is amazing!!! If any of you would like to meet up with her, do let me know!!

Biscotti Cookies


I am loving these cookies!  I just have one at tea time and it makes the tea taste so yummy.  I like to dip them in just for a few seconds.  They soak the tea into themselves and makes them taste so rich.  I really love the almond ones, since I like almonds.  They are availzble in so many flavors and even sizes.  Do pick one up the next time you hit the aisles!



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