How To Get Back To The Groove Of Things

I am the type of person that falls off the bandwagon when a friend comes to visit or if a certain trip or event comes up.  I love to enjoy the moment but after the moment is over it can be hard to jump back in.

These past few weeks have been my fall off since my bestie came to visit from Buffalo after many months.  I didn’t want to hold back that steak or dessert because I rarely get to share these special times with her.  But now that she is at her home-sweet-home, I have to come back to reality.  There are a few ways that help me wire back up.

Living life the correct way is already hard as it is but we can slowly hit back.  One way is by starting your day off with a warm glass of lemon water.  You can also add apple cider vinegar, if that is your thing.  I usually tend to stick to lemon water since I want to enjoy the first thing that hits my taste buds.

I then like to plan what indulgence I can have that day.  What I mean is, for example, I don’t like to eat carbs for all my meals so I choose only one meal I can have a carb for.  Usually I like to have carbs for lunch or dinner because that is when I usually am hungry the most.  I am cleaning or running errands in the morning so I spend all my time with that.  So basically I plan out what meal is my carb meal.  This helps me cut out carbs that are really not helping me stay healthy and stay in shape.

Another good way is to plan out your gym days.  I like to follow a pattern of taking a class one day and the next day do my cardio.  This helps my sore muscles restore and still keeps them pumping.  This actually helps the soreness which is so ironic.  Currently I take any class that matches with a time that someone can watch the kids.

One way I feel relaxed and less bloat is by drinking some sort of green tea after each meal.  This makes me feel lighter and as if my food is being digested.  This also helps me stay in shape and lose any extra weight I may have added because of food or water retention.

I hope this was a good way to help you get back on track because these things surely help me.  Just remember that we are all human and should always enjoy life.  Be happy with yourselves and always work on your weaknesses so that you can become the strongest version of yourself.



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