Changing the Hair Routine

I love to try new things with makeup, of course, but also with other beauty stuff too.  I have been reading about a new way to wash your hair to make it softer and to tame the frizz.  Just for a background to my hair is that I really color, highlight, balayage my hair like 2x a year or so since I have been 16 years old… majoy damage and frying has been done.  Although I do not use heat regularly, my hair is beginning to become a bit dry and frizzy due to all the chemicals the last balayage has done.


This new way to wash your hair was that we should condition the hair first and then shampoo it. WHHHHHAAAATTTTTT! I mean I have been doing it wrong all my life?!?!?!?!!?!!? But I was like what do I have to lose since I use both products anyway.  So now for like 8 months or so I have been conditioning then shampooing and it hasn’t rocked my world or my hair.  Yes it does make it more manageable and less crispy looking…BUT did it change my condition of the hair? No!  I mean I only do this because of the fact that it did make the hair softer and smoother that day of wash.  I don’t need to spray the ends with any hair oil.  However, I was expecting something more since I have been doing this for such a long time now.  Also, check out my Halaal Shampoos 🙂 for what shampoos and conditioners I have been using for a long time now and love switching between.

I also have been letting my hair partially dry and then combing or brushing it out with a tangle brush.  This has made my hair less frizzy and given it a lot of volume, which seems wierd.  I love to tie it with those mini coil scrunchies while they are half drying and also even afterwards because these don’t leave a bend in your hair.  They are also great for the night-time since they are not tight or pull the hair at all.


So yup this is what I have been doing differently to my hair for now…let’s see what the future holds! 😉

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