Why I have started to curl my lashes

Hey guys!  SO this is a totally random post but I thought I would start writing post about my personal routines or things that I like to enjoy doing. I personally believe that the best feature on my face are my eyes only due to my lashes.  I have long and full lashes that make my eyes seem very open and lively, even when I feel closed and dead. Ha Ha! I hated curling my lashes before because I didn’t like the feeling.  What would happen is that when I would open and close my eyes, my lashes would touch my eyebrow bone.  This was such an uncomfortable feeling.  I would be overwhelmed with that and I didn’t enjoy that at all.

I have recently gotten into the habit of curling them without wearing any mascara now.  This is mainly because I loved how so many girls are getting eyelash extensions.  The look is so modern and seems as if you woke up glamorous.  Who doesnt like that feeling? lol.  I really didn’t want to get to that extreme because of many personal reasons, so I thought why not work with what I have?!  I invested in a good curler from Ulta, whose name I have no idea since it has been faded away!  But I looked for the average shape with those rubber pads in the curler part.  My old one was cheaper and didn’t have that rubber pad so it would pull at my lashes.  This one didnt!


What I would do is wash my face, and while my lashes are a tad bit wet, or at least fresh wet, ( does that even make any sense? ) I would curl them.  I would start the closest to my lash that would feel comfortable….because it is your eye!  So wherever you feel the most at ease near you lash is where you would start.  I press the curler and count to 10.  Then I would go back but a little further up towards the ends of my lashes now.  I would again curl and count to 10.  Now for the final curl, I would focus a little bit closer to the tips of my lashes.  I would again curl and count to 10.  This is basically it!  Sometimes the curl shape would be so off but it is so minor that only you notice it.  I also like to take coconut oil on the tips of my fingers and run then back and forth very lightly, while closing my eyes, on my lashes.  This gives them a bit shape and a glisten that helps the curl look a bit more natural.

So that is about it!  I love how this makes my look more awake and my eyes seems wider and just very pretty!  Try this out and make sure to send me pictures so I can see your beautiful eyes too ! 😉

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