Where was I…Why was I M.I.A?

Hey guys!! It’s been a HELLAAAA long time since I have blogged and I truly miss it.  I had so much going on with myself that I truly just couldn’t get myself out if it.  I dislocated my left patella and also chipped off a slight corner of my cartilage mid May.  I really wasn’t doing anything spectacular; I was changing my sheets the day before Ramadan was starting.  I basically pulled the sheet to the side and somehow I ended up on the floor and my left knee was popped out to the side. Long story short, I was immobilized for 5 weeks.  I wasn’t able to move around besides the bathroom.  I needed help with everything and it truly SUCKED!  It took a huge toll on me mentally and emotionally because I never asked for help, even with my husband. I truly enjoyed working and cleaning up and normal day activities.  Now these 5 weeks were terrible.  The kids were still in school so picking and dropping them to school was divided between my mother, husband, and my brother.  I had my father and my youngest brother help with taking care of them when my mother and husband were away for work or running errands.  I was so miserable and began to feel as if i would never get better. I had moments of sobbing and feel as if I was truly worthless.  I had to remind myself that this was temporary and that I had a vry loving family and very caring in laws that were there for me.

After the 5 weeks, I started physical therapy.  I put myself together mentally and emotionally and was finally doing better.  I got off the immobilizer to another less bulky brace. Then a few weeks after that I got off one crutch.  A few following that, I got off that brace into a less stiff and more of a grip type brace.  Now after 13 weeks of physical therapy, I am able to pick up the kids, walk without the crutch around my home, shower by myself, and normal day stuff.  However, I am only at 92 degrees of bending and have to get up to around 130-140 degrees.  I can’t walk up and down the stairs normally and have to use one foot at a time using my crutch.  I am a bit behind because of the cartilage breakage which we found out in August that had caused my therapy to halt for 2 weeks because of it jamming my knee.


Now I am back! I am soooo much stronger and much more positive.  So let’s get this started here…..



“Do the best you can do becasue that is the best for you”


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