Tips to get that flawless base



Everywhere you click to learn on how to get that flawless base, they will mention about moisturizing beforehand.  Skincare is really important to getting the base of your dreams.  I realized, no matter what type your skin is, you need an oil.  If you have oily skin, you can try an oil that won’t clog your pores and maybe is suitable for acne prone skin.  If you have dry skin, then this is probably a tip from heaven above since your skin will love the hydration.  Once your skin is fully hydrated, whatever sitting on it will seem more smooth and healthy.  You won’t get that cake face which will never be in trend.


I know many people do not think this is an important step, BUT it is.  Primer allows to create a smooth, even canvas for your foundation to sit on.  However, finding the right one requires a lot of testing.  If your major concern is large pores, you might want to invest in a pore filling primer.  If you cannot seem to make your acne marks seems less dense, then a smoothing primer might be your perfect match.  Dry skin suffers will benefit from a hydrating primer, while oily skin beauties may want to use a mattifying one.  Trial and error might occur, but you will find your perfect match or matches if you decide to treat a few problems making you use different primers for different areas of your face.  But do not skip this step because you will not be able to get that lasting and smooth base without it.

Brush vs. Beauty Blender

Okay, now this is tough.  I use a brush and a beauty blender but both at different times.  I like to pack on the foundation using a brush because I believe it will make the foundation sink ink since it will pack it in.  Now it mind sound a bit too much, but using a brush will make sure you push in the foundation first in to your skin without removing any excess yet.  Then once you have made sure your skin has a layer of foundation on top, you can go in with your blender and it will further push in your foundation but also now remove all excess.  This will make sure all your imperfections are covered but nothing extra is sitting on top of your skin that might cause it to look caked or patchy. Although you might be thinking that this may be for only those who want a full coverage look, but that depends on your foundation.  If you want a natural finish and coverage then your foundation should do that and the same for if you want a full coverage, glam look to your foundation that is what you foundation should give you. The application should not differ much, in my opinion, because our end result should be the same flawless base.

Set it 

This is something that we all should be doing at least at the end of our completed look.  I personally love to go in a few times to make sure all the makeup melt well with each other.  After your foundation is applied and it looks beautiful, because it will, then you can spray a quick layer of setting spray.  This will hydrate the skin making the foundation one with your skin.  You can then apply your powders, such as an under eye powder, blush, bronzer, and highlighter.  Then again you can spray your face, this time a tad bit generously, so everything can mesh into each other and to finally lock it all in place.  The type of setting spray you choose also has to go with what you want.  If you want a dewy finish, you can choose a hydrating or dewy mist setting spray.  If you tend to get oily, then a mattifying setting spray.  If your makeup slips throughout the day, then you would be better off with a holding setting spray that has a stronger holding power on your makeup.

Rock Em!

This last step is key.  If you have applied makeup on your face, it will look like that.  We tend to believe that YouTubers or Instagrammers that post these lovely pictures from afar with amazing lighting look that poreless, flawless, and perfect.  In reality, you probably can see their pores, fine lines, or certain imperfections in normal light and up close.  Makeup should always be a tool to enhance one’s beauty and for fun.  If a certain pore, fine line, pimple, or scar is showing through, whoop-di-do! We all have em.  With or without, we are all blessed with wonderful features and smiles.  Rock em!

P.s. Stay tuned for the next post where I mention the products I use to get my flawless base.


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