February/March Lifestyle Faves

Hey my lovelies!!!  These two months I’ve finally got my rhythm back and am in my zone again! So much was happening that I really needed to get back to my groove.  I have been loving so many things that have been slowly getting me back to feeling like my “old” self again.

Weightless Cranberry – Traditional Medicinals Herbal Tea


This tea is something I have been enjoying a few times a week.  This has really helped me with bloating and feeling heavy in the gut.  I suffer from a lot of water retention and bloating.  I can actually feel it and see it because pants and jeans fit much tighter when I am quite bloated.  I picked this up a few months ago at my local grocery and I actually enjoy it!  The taste is quite neutral as well.  It is not advised to have this daily for more than two weeks, so I have it a few times a week.



I have really been trying to have some downtime for me.  One thing that has helped me have that breath is watching NETFLIX.  I have really been into YOU.  This is a very freaky stalker-ish story and I LOVE IT!!  That really makes me sound freakish but I don’t know I really enjoy those types of mystery love stories.  I won’t ruin anything for those who have not yet watched it, BUT please go and watch it.



As so much was and still is going on in life, ( which is LIFE 🙂 ) I really like to end my night with a mask.  I haven’t really got in to the habit of daily masking, which is a goal of mine, but I manage to mask a few times a week.  I try different masks just according to whatever I am feeling, what my skin needs, and if I want to try something new.  Lately, I have been loving mud/clay masks since my skin has really been so congested lately (Un-MASK the Truth).  I also want to try a sulfur based mask soon so lets see!






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