The Body Shop – Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mask

( ask me about getting this product for a great price in Pakistan )

Hey guys! This mask has become a holy grail in my skincare routine because it truly is that good!! It comes in this jar which is quite reasonably sized. It’s really good to throw in your travel bag and take along. Personally, the jar and it’s aesthetics are quite clean and classy if you ask me. The price really varies if it’s on sale or if being bought in a different country. Therefore, just keep an eye out for any sales.


The consistency of this mask is quite thick and creamy, therefore, it can easily be applied with your hands or a masking brush. It has the smell of tea tree oil as well as it’s green tint. However, both of these characteristics aren’t bothersome.

I like to use this mask in two different ways. The first way is as a spot treatment. If I sense a pimple or zit coming to the top of my skin, I will apply a generous dollop on it and go to sleep. In the morning, I kid you not, it’s either gone or it’s flattened!!!! I’ll do this for two or three nights and it’s completely gone without leaving any blemish or marks. It’s truly miraculous.

The next way is as a mask. When I’ve been traveling or using make-up on a daily, I like to apply this all over my face. I let it dry and then like to use lukewarm water to remove it. I use a soft towel to remove most of it and then wash my face afterwards to remove any leftover residue.

I spot treat whenever necessary and mask around once a week to once every other week. I really use this mask very often and have finished one jar and am onto my second. I love to stock up on this whenever there is a sale because I really can’t see my skin clear without it.