I am a simple female with a very simple life.  Being a mother to three amazing, but a handful, of children, has taught me how to manage life very differently.  Having children, took so much of my me-time that beauty and fashion became like a mini-vacation.  I would put the kids to sleep at night and try on different beauty items like a new eyeshadow palette or maybe a new face mask.  I would try on different tops with different jeans and shoes paired with a wacky hijab style.  On some days I even would go all out and do an entire makeup look just to have it washed away since I would be going to bed afterward.

These moments inspired me to start blogging because I love writing and I love beauty. When I put these two together I realized that I have the perfect recipe to pass on. I know there are people like me who need beauty, fashion, and style in their life for fun.  It is a mere enjoyment that has now become a passion of mine and this is what I want to share with you all.  Life is so short to do anything that you don’t enjoy.  So, go and be your amazing self.