Brand Review: Pacifica

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Today I’ll be reviewing the brand Pacifica.  This brand is 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free.  That is amazing because they have many products in their line.  I had all my items purchased in Ulta.


This product was amazing!! I had used this last year towards the end of winter, and my skin drank it all up.  This cream has a very coconut-ty smell.  It smells quite delicious.  It claims to be for all skin types, but especially stressed skin.  It claims to make texture and dullness disappear.  The consistency is very normal, not light or heavy.  Once you use this on your face, it quickly absorbs and leaves the skin very soft and smooth.  Because of the coconut water and plant extracts, I believe, my skin did give off a dewy look after using this cream.  It retails for $16.00 at Ulta which is okay.  There are other products that might do the same that may be priced differently.  The only downfall was that since spring/summer was coming up, it started to make my skin oily.  It would make me breakout in my oily areas.  I would recommend this for the drier months or for someone who has dry skin. ( Pacifica Coconut Probiotic Water Rehab Cream, $16.00 )


This is one product that I have already mentioned in an earlier post regarding my skin care.  I love this product!  As a micellar water, it does remove all my makeup.  It takes some time removing waterproof mascara, but I don’t really mind that.  It smells, again, like coconut.  As a toner, I noticed, it leaves my skin balanced.  The oily areas of my face are not oily and the dry areas of my face are not dry.  I guess it balances the skin’s ph levels.  It claims to tone and hydrate the skin.  It also will lift away dirt, makeup, oil and other impurities.  I would recommend everyone to try this micellar water/toner to experience something very nice for their skin.  It retails for $12.00 at Ulta.  I guess since these products are vegan and cruelty-free, you will be paying for its quality ingredients.  ( Pacifica Coconut Water Micellar Tonic Water, $12.00 )

mask    I purchased this because the name sounded so cool.  🙂 This is their Hot Vegan Probiotic and Spice Rehab Mask.  This was the only product that I did not enjoy.  This literally did nothing for my skin.  I used up the entire tube, but it really felt like nothing.  This isn’t a clay mask or the types that dry and then you wash off.  This is the type of mask that you let set on your skin for a few and then just wash it off.  It claims to purify, energize, decongest, de-puff and rebalance the skin. There is a spicy element with black pepper.  This creates heat that is supposed to loosen blackheads and blemishes.  I bought it thinking that if this mask could do this all I would repurchase it.  Retailing for $15.00, I wouldn’t repurchase this because it isn’t really worth it.  ( Pacifica Hot Vegan Probiotic and Spice Rehab Mask, $15.00 )


This is a makeup item which I actually have repurchased.  This is their Devocean Lipstick in the shade Rebel Sol.  I actually saw someone else wearing this and I ended up buying one of my own.  This shade is a coral-nude.  It is a very easy shade to wear everyday, while not being too loud or too boring.  The formula is very comfortable even though it dries down matte.  The color pay-off is really good as well.  I am considered a lipstick-eater so for a lip color to last on my lips for more than an hour is good!  This lipstick did exactly that.  It stayed through a party without me reapplying.  I would say this is an amazing option for those who want a vegan, carmine-free lipstick that delivers exceptional quality and price.  This retails for $10.00 and I would say it is totally worth it! ( Pacifica Devocean lipstick, $10.00 )

I am looking forward to buying more Pacifica products since I am in love with the quality of their items.  This brand is 100% Vegan, so the option of it containing any animal ingredients is crossed off the list.  The alcohol is the only thing I have to look out for.  These products did not have any of the haraam alcohols.  Parfum/Fragrance is the only ingredient listed in the items above, which isn’t bothersome.  Overall, this brand is an amazing brand that we all should look towards.


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