Enlite Super Face Night Brite Brightening Sleep Mask


This was my first sleeping mask and I was terrified.  I am not used to leaving something on all night because it is scary what you will wake up with on your face.  The packaging was really nice and sturdy.  It looked like a high-end product so I began to have high hopes from this product.  Taking a huge breath, I applied this one and this is what I feel.

I applied 2-3 pumps on my fingertips and began to layer it evenly all over my face.  At first instant, it felt like a moisturizer.  It had the same consistency and also applied like a moisturizer as well.  After doing so, I went to sleep and prayed my face didn’t break out or turned flaming red.

I woke up and noticed nothing.  It didn’t do anything at all.  I was very disappointed.  I decided to give this a run for its $16.00, and try it for a few more days.  It claims to brighten your skin and fade hyper-pigmentation.  It also helps to fade scars from acne and blemishes.  I decided to apply this twice a week and then see what I feel about this.

After using this product for one month, twice a week, I have come to the conclusion that it is an okay product.  I mean it did brighten my complexion but that is all that it did.  It was not anything WOW.  I think there may be other products at the drugstore priced the same that might produce better results.  I will not be repurchasing this unfortunately.  😦



Fall for Me

~ Lipstick Series #4: Fall for Me




Okay this series is a safe one because even though I do not use dark plums, maroons, or burgundy, these are my fall colors.

The first one is a glossy liquid lip.  Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Hot Lacquer Lip Gloss in 64 Unreal is such a beautiful brown.  The formula is a glossy texture and finish.  It is not sticky but if you put too much on it does feel heavy on the lips.  The wand is very nicely shaped and the perfect size as well.  It does not have any particular scent that I could detect.  Retailing at $7.99, it is a very good lip gloss.  The staying power is normal for me because I am the lipstick-eater.

No series would be complete without my Wet N Wild MageLast Catsuit Matte Lipstick.  If you have been following my Lipstick Series, you would know how I feel about these.  The formula is amazingly smooth.  It dries very quickly and completely matte.  It isn’t drying or uncomfortable at all.  It will not enhance the lines on your lips so they will look smooth and plump.  The shade Nudist Peach is the nude option for the fall.  This shade has more of a corally-nude thing going on which is very safe, but with the reds, oranges ,browns that my clothes and accessories have, this is a tie for those looks.  Being only $4.99, I do not know why anyone would leave this out of their collection.

Another Maybelline wonder is Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Color in the shade 10 Nude Flush.  This formula is so smooth and mousse-like.  It will not dry the lips. It does dry down matte, but not completely.  It will leave a bit of softness in the finish.  I really like this because it won’t cause cracking or any lines to become visible on the lips.  The pigmentation is great and long-lasting.  For $7.99, this is a steal.  It is a very affordable lip color that is worth the price tag.  It is a nudey-pink shade that will compliment the more purple tones of clothing or accessories.

IMG_5177   IMG_5176

Stay tuned for next Friday when I’ll be mentioning Lippies that are in trend and I am wanting to buy for the Fall 2017.

Top 3 Tips for Amazing Skin


Stick to your routine

I can’t stress enough how bad my skin begins to look and feel when I skip a day or two of my skin routine.  Sometimes even when trying something new, my skin won’t cooperate.  We are all human and can sometimes skimp on a product or forget to do.  But it is always easier on your skin if we stick to the same products and routine.  Your skin is used to these products so it expects that love.  It is important to follow with your favorite products and use them accordingly as well.  My Current Skincare Routine is what I have been following for a few months now, and my skin is loving it!

Always cleanse before sleeping

It took me so long to get into the habit of cleansing before hitting the sack.  I was just too tired and lazy.  My point is that even if you do not have any makeup on, there is dirt and oil that is sitting on your skin.  While sleeping, all those impurities will sink into your skin and cause texture or acne.  No one wants that!!  I noticed that when I started cleansing before sleeping, my skin was just overall in much better condition.  Stay tuned for my Night-Time SkinCare Routine coming up soon.

Apply all treatments at night

This is very important!!!!!  I used to apply my acne treatments or hydrating masks in the daytime and would see it would take so long for any results to show up.  I now apply any spot treatments at night and by the morning time the pimple/blemish is flattened or sometimes even gone.  When I have dry patches on my face I will slap on a hydrating sleeping mask and wake up to soft and moisturized skin.  I think it is because while we sleep our body repairs itself, so our skin probably does the same.  At night also I noticed that our skin absorbs more product since we are not moving around much.  I just find that anything applied at night-time has more effect on the skin.

What do you swear by makes your skin amazing?? Share <33


Milani Moisture Lock Oil Infused Lip Treatment

With the weather changing to cold then hot and later on cold again, my lips are a wreck.  In my blog, Pucker Up !!! , I mention a lot of lip care products as well.  However, I am avoiding lippies that dry my lips and grabbing more moisturizing options. This product is something I have been grabbing everyday for the past 2 weeks now.


Milani Moisture Lock Oil Infused Lip Treatment

I was shopping at CVS for shampoo, and stumbled upon this on a rack.  Their bottle was so cute with its different colors.  I realized that these colors were different types of oil that these lip treatments contained.  They had a few colors left, and I decided to pick the white and pink ones.  The white one contained Coconut Oil and the pink one had Rose Hip oil.  As soon as I got home, I opened these and tried them on.  They were so soft and NOT sticky at all!! They felt so luxurious and didn’t only sit on the surface.  I felt as if the product was being absorbed in and actually made my lips softer.  They also gave off such a nice vacation-scent.  LOVE!!  These do not have any pigment, which is okay, but it would have been amazing if it gave off a tint.  This product is VEGAN, and since there are no haraam ingredients either, it is also HALAAL.




It retails for $8.00, which is very affordable, seeing that not much product is used in each application.  I also love the applicator which is like a harder version of a cotton ball on a wand.  It is so soft and shaped in a wider oval so it covers your entire top lip and then when applying on your bottom lip, that entire lip as well.  Overall, I think as soon as I finish one, which I haven’t even neared the half way mark yet, I WILLLLLLL be repurchasing.



Pretty In Pink

This week’s Lipstick Series, which is Series #3, is all about the pretty pinks.  These colors range from soft pink to more shocking tones.  Enjoy my lovelies  ❤


Lip swatches are from L to R in the order they are mentioned.
img_5175                 img_5174

I have so many pink shades because I think they brighten up any look.  Summers and springs are so much more vibrant with pretty pinks.  Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick in 74 Matte Darling is an amazing shade.  The shade is a petal pink color that glides so smooth on your lips.  It doesn’t feel dry on the lips at all.  The color pay off is also excellent because in one swipe you can be done.  This retails for $6.00 at most drugstores and is sometimes on sale so you can get a great deal!!!  This lippie is halaal ❤

Maybelline Color Sensational LipColor in the sHADE 450 Romantic Rose is a beautiful mauve-rose pink color.  This lipstick had tiny flecks of gold in them which look so beautiful when applied to the lips.  This does not dry matte but dries down toa comfortable feel.  I love this lipstick for a soft look that wants just a little bit of sparkle.  Lovely shade I think will flatter a lot of skin tones.  It retails for $7.49 and is almost ALWAYS part of some promotion in the drugstores.  This contains no carmine; halaal!

This collection would never be complete without a Wet N Wild MegaLast Catsuit Matte Lipstick.  The shade Pink Really hard is a beautiful true carnation pink color.  I think of the crayon shade Carnation whenever I apply this liquid lip.  The shade Coral Corruption is also a fabulous coral-pink.  This is a beautiful mix of peachy-coral and burnt-orange.  When blended these colors make a beautiful pink shade.  These both have a fabulous wear and feel literally like nothing.  It will stay all day and will not MOVE or TRANSFER.  This is great for people like me who are lipstick-eaters. ( yes, there are such people. 🙂 )  Also no carmine 🙂 .

This one is not really a lipstick but more of a gloss.  Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss in the shade Barbie Pink is a killer of a pink.  So bright and pink, this gloss is simply for those that dare.  I like to apply this as a lipstick topper because I am not such a dare-devil.  However, even on it on it is so beautiful.  This formula is not sticky at all and so smooth and comfortable.  Just such an amazing gloss!!!!!  Retailed at $18.00, it is really a great quality gloss, I mean, it is from ABH ❤ And the best part, it is confirmed VEGAN by ABH; halaal ❤

Tune in next Friday for Lipstick Series #4 !!!



Don’t Hide it, Conceal it!!

Being a complete makeup junkie, I have had my share of concealers that I hated.  I had tried so many and they mostly always had some con.  Now with three munchkins and nearing the 30s, the dark circles are kicking it.  The funny thing is, my dark circles are not black, brown, or purple.  They give off a yellow and gray darkness that when I move my head side to side, can be seen.  I have finally found three concealers that work wonders for me.



The first concealer is one that I use for casual parties, get togethers, or a Parent Teacher Meeting.  The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Treatment Concealer.  This is amazing!! It covers just enough to make me look put together and awake.  The sponge applicator is something I personally love because it doesn’t apply too much product.  It layers the product so thin and evenly.  I also love how it is so easy to blend out.  I like to use my beauty sponge to blend this out.  However, it works just as well with a brush.  I use the shade Fair or sometimes the shade Light.  It is priced very well at $8.99.  Everyone must try this concealer!!



The second concealer is more of an everyday look concealer.  This is very light weight and the coverage is extremely light.  I like to wear this everyday when just quickly heading out the door as a last minute thing.  This shade, the lightest one, also matches my skin tone, so I pop this on my blemishes as well.  This miraculous is the E.L.F. HD Lifting Concealer.  The formula is super-super light and creamy.  I use my finger to blend this in since this is my hurry-I’m-in-a-rush concealer.  This also gives off a luminous finish which is great.  The best part is the price, are you ready for this?  $3.00!!!  It is only $3.00, guys!!!



The third and last concealer is one I use for a heavier makeup look such as going to weddings, dinners, night outs, or if I have some major dark circles.  This is the ever-so-famous Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour.  Oh my, oh my!! I am in love with this concealer.  There is nothing bad I can say about this at all!!  Priced at $25.00 it is worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY!! It will last you such a long time because you really need very little product.  I like to use my beauty sponge because this way it gives off an amazing sheen. It will cover every shade under your eyes!!  For my under eyes, I like to use the shade Fair Neutral.  I am also thinking of buying one that matches my skin tone to cover blemishes and any other imperfection.  It also makes my pores look less visible and my under eyes so bright.  There is no cake-iness or dryness either. ❤ LOVE LOVE LOVE ❤


 Trust me, with these products, dark circles won’t stand a chance!!!