Lipstick Series #5: Lip trends this Fall 2017

This Lipstick Series includes all the lip trends that are going to be big this fall.

Metallic Lips


Oh my, oh my!  This trend is awesome.  I still don’t have the courage to go out in this trend, but whenever I put a metallic lip on I feel ferocious.  It gives my entire look an edge that is awesome.  Metallic lips are a different look than the popular matte lip we all saw everywhere for the past year or so.  I personally would love to see this trend last because it is so fun.  Isn’t that what makeup is for?  These come in all shades and textures which make it easier for everyone to adore.  Also if you would like to see how to DIY a Metallic Lip, check out 5 Beauty Hacks.

Two-toned lips


This trend is very cool as well but can be easily worn.  It is basically when you are wearing two different shades of colors on your lips, being that the top is one and the bottom is the other.  This looks way easier and better with more of a tint or a lipstick situation where the variation in colors can be closer.  However, a total different color scheme also will look so nice.  You can basically use any two shades.  This is one I will be following this fall in shades of mauve and dusty roses.  This is also a good option with tinted balms because you can get the moisture and color for a comfortable wear.

Blotted lip


This trend is the safe one out of all because it is simple.  It looks like a messy version on any lip color.  The edges are less defined so it seems as if you applied your lippie in a hurry.  It gives a very soft look to your lips which is great for the everyday looks or even for school or college.  This can be worn so beautifully with a winged eyeliner with glitter at the inside corners of the eye.  A little bit of attention with the lip and eye together will make a banging makeup look.

Dark maroons and burgundy 


This is the ever green look for fall: the dark lip.  I love love love a dark lip with a simple eye.  It is so classic and just can make any outfit amazing.  It is also so easy to accomplish a put together makeup look because the lip tells it all.  Maroons and burgundy are an option as well as dark browns.  Lately I have also caught many beauties rocking dark grey lips which is so so so cool.  A dark lip just gives your face that fall warmth that this season is all about.

So what is your fall lip for 2017???

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