Un-MASK the Truth

img_6691Hey you guys and gals!  Hope you guys are enjoying this lovely weather we are having right now, if in NYC, and if anywhere else as well.  WInter is finally leaving and bringing us a little closer to lovely Spring.

As I was recently again having some issues with my skin, since I have been off the hormonal band wagon again, it lead me to try some new masks to help tame my skin.  I was getting really painful pimples that were leaving dark scabs and scars.  I never seem to mind the pimples or zits, it was the marks and the deepness they left that always irritated me.  I was researching online a lot and reading so many other blog posts, I came to a few masks.  Some I really didn’t like and others became a favorite.  I have been using these loved ones for the past month and am in love.


Loreal Paris Pure-Clay Mask

Detox and Brighten Clay Mask


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This mask I had also tried a few months back as well, because I had received a sample.  I actually bought the mask a month ago.  I began using this two times a week.  It really cleans on the pores and does detox your skin.  It also left my skin not tight and dry.  I really do not like that tightness some masks leave.  This did not do this.  It dried in around 15-20 minutes.  I wash it off with warm water.  Then I pat dry and moisturize my skin.  It leaves the skin very prepped for makeup or even just bare.  I use this religiously two times a week, Mondays and Thursdays.  I also noticed that over the course of the month I have been using this, I have less clogged pores and my skin seems less textured.


CVS Avocado and Oatmeal Clay Mask


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Next, we have a really regular cream mask.  This mask is great when I just want something subtle and rehydrating.  This just seems to make my skin look so plump and youthful afterwards.  I love to use this in between this and the next mask since those masks are very heavy duty.  Usually I grab this mask on Wednesdays and sometimes on the weekend.  This seems to just make the skin lovely.  I leave this on for 30 minutes and then wash it off.  I follow-up with a very light layer of moiustrizer because the skin is already so hydrated.  I have noticed less dry pathes from using this for a month now.


Health and Beauty

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay


Shop Here


This mask is the holy grail of masks for me.  I had heard so much about this product that I was actually scared to try it since people said it was so powerful.  But let me tell you…BUY THIS!  It literally removes every millimeter of dirt, oil, and impurities from your pores.  It’s funny becasue you feel it working while its drying.  Your skin will pulsate!!!!!  You have to mix this powder/clay mixture in a bowl with ACV.  Then I apply this with a flat brush all over.  It feels cooling and then it begins to do its pulsating magic.  After it is dry, about 30 minutes later, I have to soak the dry mask with water, then remove it.  The skin is very slightly red, but this goes away after 10 minutes.  Let me tell you guys, your face is baby soft and so clear looking.  I use this mask two times a week, Tuesdays and Fridays.  THis mask has done wonders in flattening pimples and making them less red.  It soothes the inflammation and also  makes them smaller.  I really have notcied that the pimples are really gone after a month of using this.

These three combined seem to work for now and have helped my skin become a tad bit calm.  I always like to change it up since my skin changes all the time, due to hormones and the weather.  Lets see how long these three stay with me and keep my skin lovely……


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